"If you write FOR a particular market or FOR a particular editor you will often miss the mark. But if you write because your fingers have danced across the keyboard, because a character has tapped you on the shoulder, because a story has settled in your heart, then even if you never sell it you have done the work you were meant to do. And sometime, dear readers, real magic happens." Jane Yolen



Living by Grace

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 Here's today's verse:
"Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding." (Proverbs 23:23, KJV)
Believing lies is easy - especially when they seem to benefit us or make our lives easier. "Eat, drink, and be merry." "Look out for #1." "He who dies with the most toys wins." Each of these statements, and hundreds like them, are easy to live out. They take very little sacrifice, and they seem to make life more enjoyable.

They are, in a word, free. And, in the short term anyhow, they can make life lovely. But that is ONLY in the short-term.

What we really need is the truth. And the truth is NOT free. It must be paid for. 

Thankfully, we do not need to go bankrupt to receive it. Christ has already given all that is needed. Two thousand years ago, God bankrupted heaven to pay the price for our sins - to give His one and only Son to His creation - first as a baby in a manger, and thirty-three years later as a sacrifice on the cross.

Living by His truth rather than the world's lies will likely not satisfy our short-term, selfish desires. There is often a cost: a cost of inconvenience, of delayed satisfaction, of dying to self. But that cost is miniscule in comparison to the freedom we are given in return: the freedom to live as the Lord designed us. The freedom to fulfill God's purpose. The freedom to know He is there through our struggles.

And once we have the Truth (John 14:6), it is with us forever. Though we can ignore Him, He will never leave. No matter how we stray - how we try to "sell Him off" - He is always, always there.

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Traveling Rough Roads With God's Strength


  1. I love how we see the verse from different angles, each one filling in the gaps of the other - making both devotionals fuller and deeper.

  2. Good insights shared Joanne. It's so easy to get sucked into living lies that satisfy our selfish nature.

  3. Lots of wisdom here this morning, Joanne. Love the post!

  4. Hallelujah! What a beautiful reminder of God's love!


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