"If you write FOR a particular market or FOR a particular editor you will often miss the mark. But if you write because your fingers have danced across the keyboard, because a character has tapped you on the shoulder, because a story has settled in your heart, then even if you never sell it you have done the work you were meant to do. And sometime, dear readers, real magic happens." Jane Yolen

About Joanne

I was raised in Southern California but now live in West Michigan with my wonderful husband Marc, and our two kids - Andrew is 11 and Annika is 9. My husband and I were both raised in the Jewish faith and came to Christ in our early 30s (I beat him to it by a whopping three months!). Check out one version of my salvation testimony here, and another (less "facty" - more "pretty") here.

My passion is making the Old and New Testament come alive - often through devotionals taken right from His Word or by applying my own imagination to the stories found in His Book (staying true to the stories, of course). I have found that, no matter how old the Scripture stories are (and the NEWEST ones are 2000 years old), the truths in them are absolutely timeless.

I have written in lots of different styles - from science fiction (only once on a "dare" - and I will NEVER do it again!) to contemporary to historical to nonfiction - but my favorite genres, and where I believe God has called me to write, are Bible-based devotionals and biblical fiction. I have several short stories in this genre here on the blog and on my FaithWriters profile.

My friend Jen Slattery and I are currently looking for a home for a tween biblical fiction devotional we wrote, which we're calling The Story of Faith. It includes fifty-two biblical fiction stories from the Old Testament, along with a lesson, a memory verse, and an historical fact for each one.

My current fiction work in progress is tentatively titled Handmaiden To A Princess. It is set during the time of King Saul and centered around twins, one Princess Michal's handmaiden and the other a servant to Prince Jonathan.

I've also written a nonfiction book about God's provision, protection, and preparation as related to my husband's health issues. The working title is Ailing Body, Nourished Soul. This one is also looking for a home.

My other writing projects include the  FaithWriters' Blog (I am the  blogger there), a monthly post at the encouragement blog Jewels of Encouragement,  the Midwestern group blog The Barn Door, and Internet Cafe' Devotions  and, occasionally,  the Faithwriters' Writing Challenge.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you like it here. If you have any questions,  comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact me through a comment on a blog post, or drop me an email!

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