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Linda Glaz's Polar Bear Plunge - with a giveaway!

I'm very excited to say that a good friend of mine has her first book out.

Linda Glaz and I met through FaithWriters, when she somehow contacted me about speaking at the 2010 FaithWriters conference (I wasn't the right person to ask, but I knew who was!). We both live in Michigan - though she's on the east side and I on the west. When she was an editorial assistant for agent Terry Burns, she looked over my nonfiction manuscript and recommended it to Terry. Though they ultimately passed on it, she has remained a friend. And now that she's a full fledged literary agent, it's certainly not a bad friend to have. ;) But even if she weren't, she's a dear lady and so very friendly and funny and helpful. Such a doll!

ANYhow, her book, released by White Rose Publishing last Monday, is Polar Bear Plunge. I had the chance to read it, and I have to say I REALLY enjoyed it.

But enough about me! I got a chance to ask Linda some questions, and HHHEEERRREEE are the answers! AND check the bottom of the post for a chance to win a copy of the ebook!

ME: Linda, what is Polar Bear Plunge about? Share the plot with us.

LINDA: Striving to put meaning back into her life after her husband’s death, Aleni Callan immerses herself in hospital work. Angry with God, she finds herself even angrier, when hero, Brice Taylor, author of The Human Shield, arrives in the Emergency Room with a concussion and hypothermia after participating in the Polar Bear Plunge. Aleni wants nothing to do with a man who willingly takes chances with his life.

Brice doesn’t understand how God could bring him through being a captive in Iraq, when he failed his troops so miserably. Writing about his escape brings fame he would rather avoid. And by meeting widow, Aleni Callan, his feelings of failure only increase.

Megan Callan with the help of her three-year-old grandson, Ty, scheme to bring Aleni and Brice together. And while the best laid plans often go awry, Megan isn’t one to accept no.

ME: Where did you get the idea for the story?

LINDA: My oldest daughter who is a nurse always wanted me to write a story about a nurse named Aleni. When the call went out for Christmas novellas, I couldn’t resist. Add a war hero and Aleni’s story came alive.

ME: Which of the characters is most like you?

LINDA: Probably the mother-in-law. I adore my inlaw kids and would do anything to see them happy.

ME: What do you want readers to take away from this story?

LINDA: That no matter what life throws atcha, get up, get going, and know God still has a plan for your life. Sometimes he really does say “yes”.

ME: Tell us a bit about yourself and your family.

LINDA: We are all theatre nuts. The kids were very active in high school and one went on to become an actress. So we see a lot of theatre. I love anything to do with writing/agenting. Give me a super great story and watch me go. But it had better be great. There are so many good ones out there that I have to say no more often than I would like.

ME: How can readers connect with you, Linda?

LINDA: The best way is through my blog. http://lindaglaz.blogspot.com/

ME: Where can we purchase Polar Bear Plunge?

LINDA: From White Rose Publishing or on Amazon. (click on the links to go there) Both are offering the wonderful a buck or less deal for the month of December.

Let me wish everyone a very merry Christmas. Blessings to all, and to all a good night!

Thanks, Linda! With a bargain like that, why can't you buy a copy? But I'm STILL giving away a free copy. Post a comment on this post, and you'll be entered to win an e- copy of Polar Bear Plunge. Winner will be announced Thursday, December 15. Enter by 7am ET that morning to be eligible.

Traveling Rough Roads With God's Strength


  1. Great interview! Don't enter me in the giveaway because I just purchased Polar Bear Plunge for my Kindle. Can't wait to read it! :-)

  2. Thanks for having me, Joanne. And thanks, Lynda, for getting the book!

  3. Lovely interview, Joanne!
    I have it, I read it, I loooove it! Wonderful story! My favorite book of the season! Linda, I enjoyed hearing how you conceived the idea for this delightful romance.

  4. Sounds like a great book. I'd love a copy to share around my house!

  5. Sounds like a great read - I'd be delighted to win a copy - would review it on my blog too!

  6. Great interview!
    I'd love to win this book.


  7. Nice interview! The book sounds like a good read. I would love to win it.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Carol Wiley

  8. Please put me down as a candidate to win the drawing for "Polar Bear Plunge." Sorry about the election wording...I live in Iowa after all. I'll return to (semi) normal after the Iowa caucus. So happy to see a novel featuring a nurse (I am an RN) and a military man (my son is). Looking forward to reading this novel whether I win it or purchase it!



  9. Love the interview and Linda's up-beat attitude!

  10. So excited for Linda! I just bought a copy for my Kindle.

  11. I'm so excited for Linda!! I've already read it so don't enter me. She's a wonderful lady who's worked very hard. I can't wait to read more of her books published!

  12. Thanmks for all the wonderful encouragement, everyone. Merry Christmas!

  13. New Follower, Ive just finished this tale :)


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