"If you write FOR a particular market or FOR a particular editor you will often miss the mark. But if you write because your fingers have danced across the keyboard, because a character has tapped you on the shoulder, because a story has settled in your heart, then even if you never sell it you have done the work you were meant to do. And sometime, dear readers, real magic happens." Jane Yolen


Like Children - Monday Manna

The purpose of Monday Manna to get together and get to know Christ more through His Word. Each Thursday, a Bible verse to ponder will be posted, either here or at my dear friend Vonnie's blog, My Back Door. The following Monday, those participating will post their thoughts on the verse at their own blogs and link up at the bottom of the post in the Mr. Linky  gadget. The main purpose is to chew on the same Scripture and learn from one another.

I'm hosting this week. And here's the verse.
Watch what God does, and then you do it, like children who learn proper behavior from their parents. Ephesians 5:1 The Message
Looking forward to your thoughts. Mine are below.


It's amazing to watch as my kids grow up. Sure, they're each developing their own unique personalities, but I see so many ways they are like me and my husband. And these aren't necessarily things we've taught them.

My daughter takes a while to wake up. She's not one to pop out of bed and get dressed. She'd rather lounge around in her PJs. In that way, she's very much like her father.

My son, on the other hand, is a quick riser, and will often stand almost before he wakes up (well, that MIGHT be an exaggeration, but still). He's ready to take on the day quite soon after he opens his eyes. Just like (you guessed it!) his mother.

There are several other ways the kids are like us, but I think you get the idea. Like I said, we didn't teach the kids to be this way - they picked them up perhaps by nature, and perhaps by observation. You could say they "take after" their parents.

And that is exactly what God is asking us to do in this verse. Do what God does. Imitate Him. Mimic His actions. To take after Him. Because we love Him, we read His Word and learn what He is like. And we do it. Just like the kids "take after" us, and do what we do.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out the other posts on the topic below, and link up if you have your own thoughts.

Riding God's Grace Over Rough Roads


  1. smile... Isn't it fun to watch our kids grow up? I'm sure God enjoys it, too.

  2. Thanks for the manna. I need it every day. I want to be like God, but my mind is very dull sometimes and I am not very quick on the uptake. It is sort of like getting out of bed. I sometimes feel like I'm in a fog and have not quite woken up yet.


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