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One Step Closer...A Goals/Progress Update (and a pondering or two)

It's easy to look at rejection - any rejection - as a huge downer. But it doesn't have to be that way. And, to be honest, the rejection letter I got a few days ago was likely one of the most encouraging emails I have received in a long time.

He liked my manuscript. He thought it was "very strong." He said he was sure I wouldn't have any trouble making the right connection with it. The problem: he didn't have that "right connection"--none of the editors he was working with were looking for a book like mine. So, I move on and look expectantly for the agent/publisher who DOES. It's all in God's timing: right? And if you're wondering, I'm fine. Really.
Well, April was QUITE the busy month, both on and off the computer. But as I look at my list of goals for the month, I realize God placed my focus elsewhere. And that's okay.

ANYhow - my goals for April, direct from my last goals/progress post:
  1. Add 10,000 words to Handmaiden To A Princess
  2. Write at least four biblical fiction devos for the book
  3. At least four blog posts average a week
  4. Start putting together info for submitting Ailing Body, Nourished Soul to another agent if necessary
As far as words? hahahaha!! I spent maybe the first week or two of the month going through my ms (yeah, again!) and adding/deleting/rearranging. Got about halfway done with that - but I actually have a net LOSS of words (not much, but still!). But it's better. And that's what matters.

I got three Biblical fiction devos done (one short of the goal, but still good progress!), and with 17 posts in April, that's about as close to four posts a week as I can get. And I DID start agent research (but only after I got my rejection two days ago. If he'd sent it on the first day of May, there would have been a huge goose egg for this one as well), but am nowhere near done.

So, time to move forward - one step closer to the end of each of the projects God has put on my heart!
  1. Finish adding/deleting/tightening Handmaiden to a Princess
  2. Go through the Pike's Peak and Genesis scoring sheets for Handmaiden to a Princess, making fixes as needed
  3. Write at least four Biblical fiction devos for the book
  4. Four blog posts average a week
  5. Do extensive research on agents for Ailing Body, Nourished Soul - either have it sent out by June 1, or be super close to ready to do so.
So, there it is! Ambitious, for sure. But that's the way I am. Thanks for reading, and for your encouragement!

Paving Rough Roads With God's Presence

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  1. Well, still bummed for you that it wasn't an acceptance letter... but as rejection goes, that sure sounded encouraging :) And you're so right, everything IS better in God's timing.

    It's excellent to hear that he found the quality evident in your MS (which we never doubted) and that he was was sure that connection could be found.


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