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Cuddle Up

My daughter has been more affectionate and "cuddly" lately. She seems to need more snuggling and attention than usual. In all honesty, it has cut into some of my computer/work time and that sometimes frustrates me, but most of the time, it is a complete pleasure to get cozy on the couch or on the bed with my sweet almost-seven-year-old.

As I was pondering this the other day, I began to wonder if it was a "phase" she was going through - something fairly common to kids(or at least girls) around her age. I wondered if I went through the same "phase" around that same time of my life. And if I did, how did I possibly handle it?

You see, when I was almost seven, my mother was in the hospital. Before I was seven and a half, she was dead.
Who did I cuddle with? My father? Sure. That I remember. We lay on his bed and held each other for a long time (at least it seemed long to a seven-year-old) that day in November when I came home from school and found out. There were aunts and uncles, and grandmas and grandpas too. Those cuddles I don't remember specifically, but I'm sure they were there.

But no mama. Yet, I made it through those years. In hindsight, I can only say it HAD to have been God who pulled me through all the emotions, struggles, and turmoil of losing a mother, and all the consequences of that (which I'm not going into here - just suffice it to say there were plenty).  And at that point, I wasn't His child as I am now.
He loved me enough to help me through before I even acknowledged him.
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

PhotobucketSomehow, I can imagine those cuddles with my Heavenly Father when things were tough. I still have them with Him. And as much as I love snuggling with my daughter, there's nothing better than time in the arms of God. He never gets frustrated with my need for them, or regrets the time it takes.

I hope my daughter never tires of cuddling up to me. But if she does, I know I always have my Heavenly Father to cozy up to--and so does she.

Paving Rough Roads With God's Presence


  1. So sorry you lost your mom but what a great time she is having while waiting for you to join her in heaven. And like you there are times I must sit still and imagine climbing onto Jesus' lap and a having him embrace me with his love. He never fails to love me. Thanks for this tender, loving reminder of what is most important - our relationship with Jesus

  2. Can't imagine loosing my mom at such a young age. But does so well at caring for us way before we ever begin acknowledging Him. There are times we need to take the extra time to cuddle with Him b/c no one soothes quite like He does. Enjoyable read Joanne.

  3. Barb CullerOctober 25, 2010

    How sad losing your mama, but I am sure she loved you. My mother was/is not the physical type, and I craved the cuddling. I realized at a young age that Jesus is all I have. (Even your photo graphic brought up tears)You are blessed to have your little one, even if the cuddle times are inconvienent (sp?) Thanks for sharing this Joanne!

  4. Oh I didn't know! This post brought tears to my eyes, I would say forget any writing and cuddle her all you can get! Soon they don't want it anymore and you will miss it so much!

  5. Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us. I am going to give my kiddos huge hugs right now.

  6. Wow Jo... This touched me so much today. I'm reminded of the privilege of cuddling, the importance of being cuddled by the Lord and the amazing way that God guides us all through things in life. Wish I could hug you and thank you over and over, my friend!!! Cyber hugs galore...

  7. My almost 27-year-old daughter still likes to cuddle with her mommy. :) I love it when my kids at church want to sit on my lap and cuddle. Even now that I teach 5th grade! I had one girl cuddling in my lap a couple of Sundays ago, until I had to make her get up. I didn't grow up with "cuddling" parents, so I let any of the kids cuddle with me that want to, thinking they might not get it at home either.

  8. Wow....I'm in a puddle right now. Thank you for sharing this part of your heart...

    Love you!

  9. This resonates with me friend. My daughter (8) has taken to cuddling with me and especially attached to her stuffed dog. Prior to my diagnosis, she didn't give a hoot about the dog, but now she's obsessive about it. I worry sometimes, but then I remember all that she's been asked to handle in this season, and it seems natural she'd have some attachments.

    Keep cuddling your little ones and don't worry about the computer time. I've gained some rich perspective along these lines.

    Love you.


  10. I love your comment that He loved you enough to help you through before you even acknowledged Him. We should all be honest enough to admit that, because He's certainly done it for us all. I know I can recall a time when He did it for me. Enjoy your snuggles from your daughter for as long as she wants them. Then bask in the joy of knowing our Father will cuddle with us forever! Enjoyed this post!


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