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You Don't Have To Like Coffee To Be A Barista

Change can be scary. I am very much a creature of habit. Yet, when God is leading the way, He has a way of changing (or at least channeling LOL) that fear into excitement and trust in Him that I am heading where He wants me to go.

Many of you know I have been a part of Exemplify Online since its inception over a year ago. This amazing Christian resource for women has been a blessing to me - and I hope I have been a blessing to it - ever since I got involved. Well, Exemplify is making some HUGE changes - God-led, and all meant to enhance this incredible ministry's mission. One of these changes is the "shifting" of the family, marriage, and ministry counters to a new home. Check out Cupcake in Chief Kristen Schiffmann's announcement here for more details. I recommend it. Go ahead. Read it! I'll wait. :D

I will still be a member of Team Exemplify as its magazine editor (a read not to miss, by the way!), but as you read (if you read LOL), I will also be taking my "channel" duties over to ANOTHER incredible blog: The Internet Cafe, where I will be a Family Counter Barista.
For those of you familiar with the Cafe, let me reassure you that this is an additional ministry, not a replacement. Those wonderful ladies will still be serving up their amazing daily devotionals. The barista counter will "will serve to you a new article relating to family, marriage, and ministry issues. These articles will contain practical how- to’s, sound Biblical teaching, encouragement, and inspiration, complimenting the daily devotionals. A second cupful, if you will." More details are available in today's Cafe post by the wonderful, lovely, and amazing Lori McMath and Jen Jernigan. Again - go ahead and check it out!

I feel so blessed to be a part of both of these amazing ministries - and I thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity to serve him at TWO sites I love, and that I am sure He loves. I am so excited about this change, and hope you are too.

Just glad I don't have to develop a taste for coffee: I'm not quite ready for that change!

Paving Rough Roads With God's Presence

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  1. It's been so cool to see God direct and move in all this, JoDear!! Excited about the changes for Exemplify AND the Cafe! Love you!


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