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Exemplify: Moments to Spare

Be sure to stop by Exemplify today. I've got a post over there in the Family Channel about making time for YOU in the busyness of your hectic life. Check out Moments to Spare. Maybe you'll learn something from reading that I had to learn the hard way.
Speaking of Exemplify...
Have you been over there in the past week or so? If not, there are TONS of new features, with more to come in the next few weeks. This wonderful site is becoming a place for all Christian women in whatever stage they may be in. I am so excited to be even a small part of it!

Just last week, five new channels were introduced. Each has its own blog with its own feed. With several more writers added to the mix over the past few months, there truly is something for each of us, no matter where we are in life.

For those of you who are "spouseless," try the Singles channel. Wives, the Marriage channel may be just what you're looking for--or perhaps with kids underfoot, the Family channel may be more up your alley.

Are you in some type of Christian service (and who isn't these days?)? Our Ministry channel may be just what you need. And for a bit of God's message for all of us, you can't go wrong with the Devotional channel. And don't forget the Editor's Blog, hosted by our incredible, beautiful, and blessed cupcake in chief Kristen Schiffman.

Subscribe to the one that fits you best--or to all of them (I do!).

And what would Exemplify be without the wonderful monthly magazine, also available on the blog?

And that's not all! In the coming weeks, Exemplify will be unveiling a new design, interactive community features, a new flipbook style magazine and much more.

So, be sure to stop by this wonderful site (and not just to read my devo!). You won't be sorry!


  1. I love the link soup, thank you! And lol, instead of singles I thought it said shingles. ;)

  2. Heavens, I think this is the most PR we've had in months! LOL! Thank you, Joanne! You rock.

  3. The above photo is hilarious. There are days when I feel like the guy with the multiple phones. I run to answer my kitchen phone...just as my cell phone starts to ring.

    But when my children call, they take priority. All other callers get put on hold.

  4. So glad you're a part of it! Heading over now...



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