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A VERY good month: an "Ailing Body, Nourished Soul" update

All righty, then. I need to start with my biggest news. This would be the news that has had me bouncing about all day today. (and that is not a figurative statement LOL)

Most of you know that I am working on writing a book about God's workings in my family's lives during my husband's serious health issues. At least some of you also know that I entered the introduction and first chapter of this book (along with a synopsis of the rest!) in the Faithwriters' Page Turner Contest for Non-Fiction this past September. Well, as the beeeaauuuttiiiffuulll graphic to the left says, I received highly commended in that contest! (Just FYI, there was one first place winner - my dear friend Corrine Smelker - and two highly commendeds. The second was my other friend Cheri Hardaway) I really, really didn't think I was going to place in this contest. Sure, I was hoping (who wouldn't?), but especially in the last couple weeks I had been telling myself (LOL and others) that I didn't win, just so I wouldn't be disappointed this morning when winners were announced.

I'm not disappointed (hehe). I will receive a plaque for my accomplishment, plus that really cool graphic up there I can put on my website/blog/etc. I can also get half-priced editing on my complete manuscript from Finesse Editing and Writing Services (owned by the amazing, incredible, and lovely Deb Porter, who many of you know and love!). I can do nothing but praise God for allowing me to have this writing talent, and to thank YOU for your support of my writing journey!

Oh - and there is other news on my progress on my manuscript! I did a rough count a few days ago, and it appears I currently have about 16,000 words of my book done (most in very, very rough draft form). I can't tell you how encouraging that was for me to see. Gotta keep plugging away - got that half-price editing deal to redeem!!

As far as last month, my goal was to write 7,500 words by the end of November. I am pleased to say that I DID achieve that goal, with a touch extra. As of November 30, at bedtime, I wrote 7,764 words. I definitely struggled some, but having a daily goal (of 250 words) was very helpful.

7764 / 7500 words. 104% done!

Anyhow, for December, I am "kicking it up a notch." I definitely found the word count, rather than the chapter, goal most helpful. So, to stretch myself a bit, I am increasing my goal for the month to 10,000 words. That averages to just under 325 words a day. With the holidays and all, we'll see, but I'll never get this done if I stagnate, yanno? Be sure to watch my counter, which I will update (for the most part!) nightly. The new one, with the new goal, will be up later this evening.

Thank you so much, folks, for reading and encouraging me on this writing journey. You have helped me more than you can know.

Wow. Praise the Lord!


  1. Writing this book is such a great idea!

    I'm glad you surpassed your goal for last month. It sure looks like you're focused and full of passion for God and His workings. What a wonderful way to share your faith. :)

    Many sweet blessings!

  2. Congratulations on a well-deserved honor!!

    Hugs to you!

  3. Congratulations, Joanne - this is so exciting! It must be amazing to have your book received so well. I'm truly happy for you! Blessings!

  4. So proud of you, Jo! That is an awesome accomplishment placing in Page Turners! So very very proud of my sister! Cheering you on! You can do it!

  5. Congratulations on your accomplishments.


  6. Joanne, I'm so thrilled, excited, and proud of your Page Turner accomplishment! To God be the Glory for the talent He's given you, and that you've chosen to use it to minister to others. I'm dancing with you!!!!!! Angel

  7. HAPPY DANCIN' for you!! (LoL--as you know) SO proud of you for the honorable mention AND for surpassing your goal last month! You are a tremendous encouragement to me.
    huggles and more!

  8. Congrats and keep plugging away! I can't believe you're getting so much done. I feel like such a sluggard right now. Anyway, looking forward to the finished product one day. You're an excellent writer with a heart to match.

    Have a great week!


  9. I love to read what you write - - doesn't surprise me that your piece did so well and I've only just become familiar with your musings!! Congratulations!!!

  10. Congrats, my friend! I am picturing standing right in front of you when you saw the news...us gasping for air, jumping up and down, grasping fingers and squealing. Is that too much excitement?


  11. Super congratulations on this accomplishment. The FW Highly Commended button looks good on your blog!


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