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Mission Accomplished - Mission Set

Excuse my hyperactivity, but I am completely thrilled to announce to anyone who cares (LOL and anyone who doesn't care but is reading this anyway) that I have met my self-imposed writing goals for the month of July. I have a working title for my non-fiction book (Ailing Body, Nourished Soul), my introduction is completed to its third draft (and in the safe and wonderful hands of a very dear friend who is giving it its--theoretically anyway--last outside edit before I polish and declare it "ready for prime-time"), AND my first chapter is completed to its second draft (and ALSO in the hands/email box of ANOTHER dear friend who has offered to give it its FIRST outside edit). And the bonus? It's only July 27 - five days before my self-imposed deadline of August 1.

This has been an amazingly incredible time for me. I have gotten more done in the past month than I possibly could have imagined, especially with two kids home pretty much the whole time, and I KNOW it has been God. I could not have achieved these goals (and done tons of other things completely unrelated) if this project didn't have my wonderful Lord behind it. Just goes to show you:
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 NKJV
Well, my journey with this book is FAR from over. My next deadline is an official one - not self-imposed. You see, the deadline for Faithwriters' Page Turner first chapter competition is September 1! So, it's time to list, for the world to see, what I need to get done by my next deadline. So, here we go:

By September 1, 2008, I, Joanne Sher, will have the following accomplished. God willing:
1. The completion of the of my book's introduction to the FINAL draft
2. The completion of my books first chapter to the FINAL draft
3. The completion of my final draft of a 500-word-or-less synopsis of "Ailing Body, Nourished Soul"
4. Submission of all of the above to the Page Turner contest

I certainly have my work cut out for me, especially considering the rest of my life needs to keep going on. But, then again, it's not just MY work, is it? And if He wants it done, it will happen. Of that I am certain. Thanks for coming along for the trip!

(0h, and for the curious, I do NOT plan to stop there! I have every intention of continuing to work on this book, though perhaps not ot the same pace, once I have my entry in. I may even set some monthly goals--it's certainly helping thusfar)


  1. HOORAY!!
    I'm sooooo happy for you, Joanne! Seeing your persistence and steady progress has been a huge, HUGE encouragement to me!! You're leading the charge, girl!

    Love ya!!

  2. Your dedication to meeting your goals amazes me, especially since you have so many things that could be major distractions to you. I can't get much done with a ton of commotion going on around me, but then again, I am a guy. Most of us guys aren't real great at multi-tasking, while you women were built by God to be multi-taskers. LOL.

    I hope you can achieve your other goals and enter the page turner contest.

  3. You go, girl! Looking forward to reading your first chapter. I think setting monthly goals for the rest of your book sounds like a great idea.

  4. WhoooHooo! Congrats on meeting your deadlines - so happy for you!

  5. Yeah! Congratulations!!! It must feel really great to meet your deadlines and accomplish your goals! Way to go!

    I'm really excited to have received my first blog award and am blessed to now be passing it on to you. :) I have it at my blog. Please stop by when you get the chance. Blessings!

  6. Congratulations Joanne.. you totally inspire me!!

    And thanks so much for your comments on my blog yesterday!!!


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