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A New Month - New Goals (a goals/progress update)

Well, March didn't go quite as planned - but that is DEFINITELY okay. In fact, it's pretty wonderful. In case you missed it - my nonfiction won a contest! After a bit more work (not sure exactly what yet, but I should know soon!), it looks like Ailing Body Nourished Soul is on the road to publication!

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This fact put a bit of a twist in my writing plans for the month (and following), but I still did fairly well, I'd say.

How well, you ask? Let's look at my goals, straight from last month's goals/progress post:
  • Post, on topic, at least twice a week to my blog (with 2/3 of it fresh content) - this does not count teaser posts to other blogs I post to.
  • Write a minimum of 40,000 words in Handmaiden to a Princess
  • Be done with ALL the lectures in Margie Lawson's Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors.
  • Try to at least read the emails/lessons  in Ane Mulligan's free ACFW Course on Motivation, Goal, and Conflict.
 Well, ALL my posts were fresh content this month - but one week I only had one of them, so I almost managed the first goal. I did NOT make 40k in my novel - but I did manage exactly 21,000 - plus some needed revisions for Ailing Body, Nourished Soul.

I am on the wrap-up for the last Margie Lawson lesson (and, assuming all goes as I expect on this tech-free Tuesday, I will be finished before April 2 is over) - so, again, close. And Ane Mulligan's class? REALLY good - and helpful. I have done all but the last lesson (which I WILL get to!).

So, enough looking back. Time to move AHEAD with my goals for April!
  • Post, on topic, at least twice a week to my blog (with 2/3 of it fresh content) - this does not count teaser posts to other blogs I post to.
  • Finish the last Margie Lawson and Ane Mulligan lessons.
  • Once I know exactly what I need to do, a minimum of five chapters a week "fixed" for Ailing Body Nourished Soul.
  • Until I know about ABNS, a minimum of 5k a week in Handmaiden to a Princess. After that, 2k a week minimum.
Thanks again, folks, for your encouragement, and following along with my progress. Have a great week!

 How was your March? Have you set April goals?

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  1. Jo, I am rejoicing with you that it looks like Ailing Body, Nourished Soul is on the road to publication!! WOW! Praise God! All in His timing! HUGS!!

    1. THANKS, dear Rita! Hugs right back!


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