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A New Month - New Goals (a goals/progress update)

Well, March didn't go quite as planned - but that is DEFINITELY okay. In fact, it's pretty wonderful. In case you missed it - my nonfiction won a contest! After a bit more work (not sure exactly what yet, but I should know soon!), it looks like Ailing Body Nourished Soul is on the road to publication!

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This fact put a bit of a twist in my writing plans for the month (and following), but I still did fairly well, I'd say.

How well, you ask? Let's look at my goals, straight from last month's goals/progress post:
  • Post, on topic, at least twice a week to my blog (with 2/3 of it fresh content) - this does not count teaser posts to other blogs I post to.
  • Write a minimum of 40,000 words in Handmaiden to a Princess
  • Be done with ALL the lectures in Margie Lawson's Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors.
  • Try to at least read the emails/lessons  in Ane Mulligan's free ACFW Course on Motivation, Goal, and Conflict.
 Well, ALL my posts were fresh content this month - but one week I only had one of them, so I almost managed the first goal. I did NOT make 40k in my novel - but I did manage exactly 21,000 - plus some needed revisions for Ailing Body, Nourished Soul.

I am on the wrap-up for the last Margie Lawson lesson (and, assuming all goes as I expect on this tech-free Tuesday, I will be finished before April 2 is over) - so, again, close. And Ane Mulligan's class? REALLY good - and helpful. I have done all but the last lesson (which I WILL get to!).

So, enough looking back. Time to move AHEAD with my goals for April!
  • Post, on topic, at least twice a week to my blog (with 2/3 of it fresh content) - this does not count teaser posts to other blogs I post to.
  • Finish the last Margie Lawson and Ane Mulligan lessons.
  • Once I know exactly what I need to do, a minimum of five chapters a week "fixed" for Ailing Body Nourished Soul.
  • Until I know about ABNS, a minimum of 5k a week in Handmaiden to a Princess. After that, 2k a week minimum.
Thanks again, folks, for your encouragement, and following along with my progress. Have a great week!

 How was your March? Have you set April goals?

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  1. Jo, I am rejoicing with you that it looks like Ailing Body, Nourished Soul is on the road to publication!! WOW! Praise God! All in His timing! HUGS!!


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