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Into The Unknown - A Goals/Progress Update

Yeah. I've said it before. But I gotta say it again.


As of you reading this, my children have four and a half days of school left. My little Andrew will be in MIDDLE SCHOOL next year, and my baby is going into third grade. :::thud:::

But THAT'S not what this post is about. It's about my writing goals. And June is a month of questions. Mostly about how much time I'll have to get stuff done. The kids will be home most of the month, and my driving time will be decreased dramatically. Does that mean I'll have more or less time? Beats me.

ANYhow - let's start with May. How did I do? Well, let's look at my goals, right from my goals/progress post from last month!
  • Keep up and learn from the month-long online Setting as Description class I'm signed up for in May (actually started yesterday) at Savvy Authors. This one sounds GOOD, especially for a biblical fiction writer like me. And I'll bet it's not too late to sign up, since it's only been going for 24 hours. Join me? (though I SHOULD mention there's already an assignment due at the end of today - which I've finished so I can ENJOY my tech-free day!)
  • Work on what I've learned in my classes this year to Handmaiden to A Princess, "fixing" another 30 pages of the manuscript.
  • Learn from Janice Thompson's FREE class on the ACFW course loop - Adding Humor to Your Writing (this one sounds FUN!). (this is a "want to" - will let this one slide if I get too overwhelmed - can always go back and look at it later)
 Oh! Oh! - I did meet one of my goals! (almost). That setting as description class? WONDERFUL! Learned tons (watch for my post this coming Thursday on what I learned about the writing craft in May). However, I did NOT do the last assignment. May was crazy AWAY from the puter, so didn't want to drive myself even more crazy by pushing too hard. But it REALLY was a great class- and I'll likely be taking another from this same teacher (Devon Ellington) at some time in the future.

I didn't manage to keep up in the ACFW humor class, but I DID save the lessons for later perusal. And I WILL peruse later. Promise.

I did work on Handmaiden to a Princess, though that thirty-page goal was only a pipe dream for a crazy-busy month like May (I ALWAYS forget how busy May is until I'm in the middle of it). And I'm a really, REALLY slow editor. Do I really need to tell you I finished May on page 34, which means I only made it through ten pages? I didn't think so ;)

So, that was May. Now, on to June! I'm actually setting a pretty ambitious goal for my editing for June - partly because I'm in an accountability group about it - Novel Track-Editing, through ACFW. So keep that in mind.

Without further ado - my goals for June:
  • Keep up in the FREE ACFW online course, The Snowflake, by "The Snowflake  Guy" himself, Randy Ingermanson. I have heard SO much good stuff about this method for planning a novel, and I read his wonderful post about it - and am TOTALLY intrigued. Looking forward to working through this with him. I know I will learn TONS!
  • Work on what I've learned in my classes this year to Handmaiden to A Princess, "fixing" another 60 pages of the manuscript. That brings me very, VERY close to the end of what I've got written so far.
I think I'm leaving it at that this month. Looks like PLENTY, along with my other duties here and elsewhere.

Thanks for reading this far - and for encouraging me throughout this journey of mine!

Do you have goals for June? What are they?

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  1. Well, yes, I suppose I do have some goals. I need to do some marketing work for my book and decide how to get it into the hands of others. I also want to do a bit of promotion regarding my speaking. Mostly, I just want to get into a rhythm with my kids that allows me time with them and time to write/work. Honestly, it just might be easier to get a job at Starbucks:)

    Good progress, Joanne. Any time we move forward with our goals, we're making progress. Movement wins!


  2. I'll try to keep up with you...including the snowflake course! Holly

  3. Cheering you on, Jo. And excited to hear what you think of the Snowflake Method and how you use it in your work. Hugs!


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