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Marching into March - A Goals/Progress Update

Even though this was a short month, I STILL can't believe February is over! It FELT like a good 29 days - but let's see how I did on my goals.

And here they are - direct from last month's goals/progress post:
  • Keep up on the Margie Lawson class - Empowering Characters' Emotions - I'm taking in February (This is an incredible teacher - and class. Can't recommend it more highly. So much to learn - lots of reading, but SO worth it - and it's not too late to sign up!)
  • Finish my Ailing Body, Nourished Soul read-through and continue to ponder what God wants me to do with this manuscript.
  • Be intentional about applying what I've learned so far this year to my writing (blog posts, at least one "new" short story, and possibly Handmaiden to a Princess)
Hmmm - well, I definitely kept up (and learned A TON) from Margie Lawson's class. I'll be doing a post - likely a week from today - about some of what I learned, and hopefully, I'll have a GUEST POST FROM MARGIE LAWSON on the FaithWriters blog some time in the near future. You do NOT want to miss it. She's fab!

I did finish reading through Ailing Body, Nourished Soul - but I'm still contemplating what to do with it. I'm wondering if it needs to "go on the back burner" until I have other writing under my belt. Or if it needs to be in  a different format. Or if it was my "practice book." OR if I need to "Margiefy" it (almost definitely) and try again as I originally was going to sell it (perhaps). ANYhow - that baby's up in the air.

And as far as applying stuff I've learned to my writing - not bad. I have NOT written a new short story, but I've been working on "fixing up" Handmaiden to a Princess. So - not bad.

But what about March, you ask? Well, here are my goals:
 Okay - that looks good. Thanks for reading along, and cheering me on!

Do you have goals for March? What are they?

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  1. I love reading your goals as it makes me think about mine--if I have any with writing right now. LOL I just want that urge to write to come back!Dealing with more personal goals this month--like finding doctors and learning to drive around here with confidence and maybe volunteer someplace.

  2. I know it seems Feb just zipped on by.


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