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Some Cooollllldddd Fun ;)

Wanted to put up some sort of post today, but I couldn't decide what to write about...until my friend Michelle posted something on Facebook that literally made me laugh out loud.

And that, of course, made me decide to try to get some MORE laughs for my day. But first, some inspiration:

Okay - so you're in the cold mood, right?

Now, finish this sentence: It's so cold outside...,

I'll give you two - the first being the one that "started it all":

It's so cold outside that teens at the mall are pulling their pants up! (still laughing about this one, Michelle!)
And now mine, which PALES in comparison: It's so cold outside I stepped in the freezer to warm up.
How about you? Let's make each other laugh!

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  1. It's so cold I'm sticking my hands between cows' udders and their legs to warm them up!

  2. warm my hands, not their udders. Thought that needed clarifying.

  3. I can do this seeing as we have been in the teens and 20's for several days ;) Crazy GA weather!

    It's so cold outside Old Man Winter himself needed a sweater.

    Yeah. That one was kind of lame.

    Maybe I will think of something fun and be back.

    (I did think of another one involving Victoria's secrets models but thought it might be a bit much.) HA!

  4. A laugh is always good.

  5. It's so cold outside I thought I was in Michigan.

    It's so cold outside the flamingos are turning blue.

    The funniest thing I read last week was an article about how Floridians look really bad during cold snaps. Because we don't have a "winter wardrobe" here in central FL, we throw on as many different layers as possible trying to keep warm: capris with cheap boots and a sweatshirt. The photos were priceless. Glamour don'ts abound!

  6. This is a true statement of how cold it HAD BEEN.

    It was so cold,for so long, that the Television news was reminding people that even though the temperatures had warmed up above zero, it was still necessary to wear gloves or mittens when pumping gas. (But it felt so warm outside...)

  7. lol well it was -37 here the other day and I'm sure the kids around here still had theirs down LOL too funny!

  8. It's so cold out here in Florida that even the snow birds aren't in the pools.


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