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Nurturing The Whole Writer (part 3)

It's getting CLOSER! I have my conference registration sent in and paid for (have for a while), and my hotel room reserved (just this week - with three of my dearest friends!). I also know how I'm getting there (by car, with yet ANOTHER friend - of course, I only live a few hours away, so it makes sense). How much have YOU done in your "getting there" process? (That means YOU, Cat!!) Again, here are the basic details--if you haven't registered yet, click on the conference button, either at the top of my blog sidebar or the bottom of this post, and take care of it!
Nurturing the Whole Writer
Friday and Saturday, August 7 and 8, 2009
Radisson Hotel, Livonia, MI
Cost: $72 for FW 500 members
$82 for others

This week, I'm going to talk about what I'm going to call "the hype." There is a special kind of excitement and anticipation that goes with this conference that, as far as I know, is completely unlike any other writing conference (not that I've actually BEEN to any other conference, but others who have will vouch for me, I'm sure).

People. Loving, amazing, Christian writer friends who UNDERSTAND YOU.
I'll be honest. You're not going to find an agent at this conference. Or find an editor from Zondervan to publish your book. But you will find writing encouragement, fellowship, and a VAST amount of knowledge that WILL help you in your writing, and Christian, journey.

Don't take it from me. Check out these "quotes" from past (2007) and/or future attendees (taken from the FaithWriters message boards - the FW US conference area).

That [conference or high school reunion] was my dilemma for the first conference on '07 - for about 5 seconds. I went to the FW conference. I decided I'd rather spend the weekend with my dear friends from here than people who barely new I existed 20 years ago. The ones who do, I was still in contact with.
It was a no brainer.
Shari Armstrong

Well I am officially going to get to go to the conference, and I am so excited! Since I joined FaithWriters in January 2008, I have been anxious to get to meet some of the awesome people that I converse with regularly here, and who I share writings with. The workshops look like they will be very informative as well, so it's a double blessing. My flight is booked, and I am mailing my registration and booking my hotel room today. Can't wait to see you all there! Very Happy Josh Janoski

I'm so excited... Wild horses can't keep me away, even if I have to stick a glass to the window from the garden outside...(hehe) Now, if the mtgs are held in rooms without windows, I'll have to climb into the air ducts. Cool That is if the money comes up short... but I have time to plan on it.
Maybe I could take the kids lunch money Rolling Eyes Oops, they go to school in the kitchen.
Confused Alright I'll Zip Up Mouth be Zip Up Mouth quiet Zip Up Mouth now. Mr. Green One more thing: Embarassed I can't wait to see you all! Very Happy
Karlene Jacobsen

Well… The stars have aligned. Prayers have been answered. Miracles have occurred. (And my miracles have proper names...Thank you!)I am coming to the conference! Hooray!!!I am so unbelievably excited, I could start packing NOW! Tee hee! Michelle Roach

If you are umming and ahhing about attending the FW conference in August, I really want to encourage you to take the step and come. I had loads of information to share with you all in August before I attended the Publishing Conference this week, but believe me, now I have mountains of things to tell you about (more than I can cram in). Apart from the information factor, God is positioning FaithWriters to be a full service writers' site with the focus on excellence. Don't miss out on a minute of being a part of it. The FW conference is incredibly good value, and it's going to be an amazing weekend. I can't wait to see you all.... Seriously, this conference is not like other writers' conferences. It's so much more because of the relationship so many of us share. If there is any way at all to get there, please do. I'm not just talking it up to get people to sign up. I mean it most sincerely. Deb Porter

What did I learn[at the 2007 conference]? 1) I learned that it's quite scary how much alike Shari and I are. 2) That I need to laugh more. 3) That, yes, it was like being with family (only you all are so much better than my biological extended family!) Very Happy 4) That talking until 4 AM is just fine, but you're pretty tired the next day. Razz 5) That this was one place I could truly be myself. 6) That Tanya is somethin' else, and I'm so blessed to have met her! (Tanya, I love ya, girl, but the idea of taking you to Wal-Mart scares me - I might start laughing and not be able to stop!) Lauren Bombardier

It will TRULY be a weekend to remember. Are you coming??? Hmmmm??

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  1. Oh Joanne, I had forgotten that I said those things, but meant every word...well, most of it. My registration is paid (unless the mailman lost it). I've offered to pick up travelers at the airport, since I live in the Detroit metro area, and have a minivan (I may take you back to the airport too--if I don't decide to kidnap you. Just kidding.)

    I can't wait. I can't wait. Just a few more weeks!

  2. I've been to other writing conferences and I can vouch that the FW one is different--in all the best ways! It was so wonderful to be able to meet like-minded friends, both long time internet friends I was meeting in real life for the first time, and brand new friends. Even our guest speaker last time, the famous Sally Stuart, said the FW conference was something different and special. :-)


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