“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” Mark Twain

Honestly - Thanks, Karlene!

The sweet (and fellow Michigander!) Karlene from The Joyful Scribe has blessed me by giving me the Honest Scrap Award. She's always a blessing to read - and has wonderful insights. Be sure to check out her blog!

To receive this award, I have to list ten honest things about myself. Then I have to pass this award on to other bloggers who inspire and lift me up. Sooo...here I go!

Ten honest things about me
  1. I LOVE to encourage people--but occasionally I get cranky if I don't get encouraged back (I'm workin' on it!)
  2. My house is a mess 99% of the time (and when I say mess, I MEAN it!)
  3. Sometimes it is SO hard to work on my book - reliving the emotions can be quite a bear. But God's called me to write it(and it isn't always that way). So I'm doing it.
  4. I have never actually met, face to face, some of my very, very closest friends (and some folks think I'm crazy because of it). Actually WILL meet some of them this summer, though!
  5. I talk WAY too much
  6. When I look at my son's mannerisms, I sometimes wonder if I am autistic.
  7. My husband is one of the best things that ever happened to me (though I don't always appreciate that fact!)
  8. I sometimes forget to eat
  9. The taste of coffee (even a little bit in coffee ice cream) makes me ill
  10. Mosquitoes LOVE me (biting me, that is). The feeling is NOT mutual!
Okay - now I'm supposed to pass this award on to bloggers who inspire and uplift me. I'm trying to give it to folks who haven't received it yet (though there are no guarantees!)--it helped me limit my list - cuz EVERY blog I read regularly blesses me. Anyhow, here we go. (and if you don't wanna pass this out to others - no pressure, seriously. Just take it with my thanks for the inspiration!)
Lynda at Grains of Sand - Lynda is a dear FW friend in Caracas, Venezuela with a true heart for God. I found her blog only recently, and am blessed and convicted every time I read it.

Billy at What I Learned Today - He stopped by and commented on my blog one day several months ago, and I followed the link. I am SO glad he did. Billy is an incredible writer with an absolute gift for storytellin' (yep - accent intact!). His posts always, ALWAYS, blow me away. Do NOT miss this guy!

Kristen at Dancing In The Margins - She is sold-out for Jesus and an incredibly insightful lady with incredible passion. She makes me giggle, cry, AND think.

Elaine at Peace For The Journey - She is an incredible blogger with an amazing talent for getting her message across. Just a WOW lady with a deep, deep passion for her Jesus. She has encouraged and inspired me numerous times.

Be sure to stop by these blogs - they are well worth it (and come back tomorrow! I'm having a bit of a celebration - with a giveaway!).


  1. Well, thank you, Joanne. That is SOOOOOO kind of you. You are a constant blessing and encouragement to me. I so wish I could meet you this summer at the conference—I feel like we are "bosom buddies" even though we have never met face to face.

  2. Thank you so much for this, Joanne! You're such a sweet lady, and I love my visits here.


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