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God Gave Us You: Perfect PIcture Book Friday

Just under two years old
Today, my oldest turns 14. In September, he starts high school. And really, neither of these facts has really sunk in yet. I am having a TOUGH time getting my mind around these facts.

And because of this, I though I would share one of my very, very
September 2014
favorite picture books with you today - one that my mother-in-law got me for a baby shower gift when my oldest was born, and that I often give to other new mothers as a shower gift.

And not just because I'm sentimental (but that IS probably 98% of the reason, if I'm honest) - but because I think this is a lovely book to add to Susanna Leonard Hill's Perfect Picture Book Friday.
Title: God Gave Us You

Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren

Illustrator: Laura J. Bryant

Publisher: WaterBrook Press, 2000, fiction

Age Range: 3-7

Theme/Topics:babies, mothers, God, love

First Page: "Good night, sweet child," Mama said as she tucked Little Cub in.

But Little Cub wasn't quite ready to go to sleep.

"Mama, where did I come from?" she asked.

Synopsis: When a charming polar bear cub climbs into bed one night, she asks her Mama a very important question--one that little "human cubs" often wonder about, too: "Where did I come from?"

As Mama bear tucks her youngest cub under the quilts, she gently, tenderly, and reassuringly communicates the message loving parents everywhere (bears and non-bears alike) want their little ones to hear: "We wanted you very, very much, and we are so very glad because—God gave us you."

Resources: This probably isn't a book for the classroom proper, but here are some "Sunday-school type" lessons you can use. God made families part 1 and 2. (Maybe this ISN'T a perfect fit for PPBF, but sorry - I'm sharing it anyway. Mama's prerogative!)

Why I LOVE it: Besides the reasons I listed above? Because it is so incredibly sweet. Because it STILL makes me choke up when I read it. Because it is the perfect bedtime story. Because, in this world where folks do NOT necessarily value children, it does. Because the illustrations are lovely. Because the language is beautiful. JUST BECAUSE!

(Just a note - this book is specifically about mothers who give birth to their children - as opposed to adoption, or any other way families come together)

Hope you'll not mind my sappy, sentimental pick this week and give this book a look - and check out the OTHER perfect picture books for today at Susanna's blog - and Susanna's ever-growing list of wonderful picture books

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  1. This is such a tender and beautiful share. I understand why you give it as a gift. I hadn't seen it before.

    1. Thanks, Patricia. It is definitely a "religious" picture book (as the title suggests), and one I hold dear to my heart. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Little ones don't see the "sappy" like we do. :) And while the book wouldn't be perfect for EVERYONE, no book is. It's perfect for someone.

    1. Thanks, Wendy :) Hope the person it is perfect for finds it - and I so appreciate the encouragement!

  3. This does look like a wonderful, snuggly, and happy picture book. There is nothing wrong with being sentimental -- especially when it comes to picture books and children. If you can't be sentimental about the books you read and enjoy with your children -- what can you be sentimental about? :)

    Thank you for sharing this book that is clearly near and dear to your heart. It looks wonderful!

    1. Thanks so much :) You are, of course, right. Appreciate the reminder, and the blog traffic. :D

  4. I think this book looks absolutely lovely, Joanne, and I love that it's so special to you! I'm happy to be adding such a book to our list! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Susanna - I so appreciate your encouragement!


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