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A Blog Nap, of Sorts

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I started blogging five and a half years ago (somewhat reluctantly, and slightly pessimistically - see my first post if you don't believe me!), and I have been doing it pretty faithfully ever since. I have accumulated over a thousand posts on my blog - believe it or not, that's an average of a post every two days since I started!

And I realized something last week. While I really do enjoy blogging much of the time, I've been treating it as my "job." I'll get my post done before I do other things I need to do. I'll feel guilty if I have to skip one of my "regular" posts. And I've been doing it - almost every time - before I get serious writing done.

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Well, that's stopping. I am declaring now, to the world (at least those in it who are reading this!) that my blog is no longer my job. It's a hobby. Something I do when I'm in the mood, and I have time. My blog is taking a nap. (Zzzzzz)

I'll still be writing some posts  - and you can see them at three other sites I write for (I have a "standing appointment" at the Midwest blog the Barn Door on the 9th of each month, a couple posts a month at the devotional blog Jewels of Encouragement on the 10th and 22nd of the month, and one devotional a month at the Internet Cafe - different date each month). I'll put up short "teaser" posts here to remind you to go check them out. But, as far as this blog, that's all I'm committing to.

Cuz, you see, my blog deserves a nap. And I need to change my focus. My blog is no longer my job.

So, what is my job, you ask? Well, as far as writing and/or income, I have three of them.
  1. FaithWriters (I'm the blogger over there, plus I'm a moderator on the forums, and do some critiques in the critique circle)
  2. Editing
  3. Learning as much as I can about writing picture books, and WRITING them (the only one I'm
    photo credit: Camera on autopilot via photopin cc
    not getting paid to do - yet ;))
So, keep stopping by the blog if you'd like. Who knows, I might have something new up at some point. But, as I said 2,036 days ago, "Don't hold your breath."

(Oh, and be sure to follow/like, etc., me on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest, etc - whatever floats your boat. Links are at the top on my sidebar. I'm not disappearing.)
My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer. Psalm 45:1
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  1. I'm right there with ya! I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks praying about where to go with my blog. It shouldn't be a chore! Thanks for sharing, Joanne!

    1. Good for YOU, Tom! Praying along with you. :)

  2. Good for you for knowing when to let something go! The blog should be fun to do, not a chore! I don't don't know how you do what you do on top of caring for your family. Wonder Woman! :)

  3. It is hard to maintain a blog. I only post once a week -thankful to Patty Wysong so I have something to post about, also F.A.I.T.HGirls on Saturday and now I'll be joining you on the barndoor on the 5th. That's almost too much. I do like #2. eating. Yes, I do that job well. We'll miss you during the Word Nerd Meme.

    1. Looking forward to seeing your Barn Door posts! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Ahem. I'll have you know I REMEMBER your reluctance and skepticism, withOUT going back to that post. I remember it well--and still snicker loudly over it.

    I'm so glad you stuck with it--you've been fantastic company through these 5.5 years. (REALLY?!! It's been that long?!!) I'll miss you and promise not to pester you back to blogging...too often. hehehe.

    1. Hehe - of COURSE you remember! And I couldn't believe it had been five and a half years either! And you have been a FABULOUS blogging partner/buddy. Thanks - and you KNOW I"m not disappering ;)

  5. Have a lovely nap! But I doubt you'll sleep long. :-)

    1. Hehe, Karen. We'll see :D

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. It's needed I bet!! You write a lot and wear many hats! A break is good:))

    1. Thanks, Terri! I'm hardly missing it (other than wondering where the time I figured this would free up went LOL).


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