"If you write FOR a particular market or FOR a particular editor you will often miss the mark. But if you write because your fingers have danced across the keyboard, because a character has tapped you on the shoulder, because a story has settled in your heart, then even if you never sell it you have done the work you were meant to do. And sometime, dear readers, real magic happens." Jane Yolen


Double Digits

And the boy Samuel continued to grow in stature and in favor with the Lord and with people. 1 Samuel 2:26

Three months old
In two days, my baby girl will be reaching a milestone. I'm not sure I'm ready for it. She, however, has no qualms of any sort.

The signs, of course, have been there for weeks, if not months. Maybe even years. The attitude. The independence. Her maturing sense of humor. The changing of her tastes. Her clothes shrinking (or something like that!). But I wasn't ready to admit it.

But now I'm doing it in public. My daughter will be entering "double digits" on Wednesday. Yup. TEN YEARS OLD.

It's amazing the changes I've seen in her - even in the past year. She's maturing. Learning from her
Two - already has style!
mistakes. Testing the waters. Developing her own style - opinions - way of doing things. Turning more and more into the woman God wants her to be.

And I couldn't be more proud. She is, just like the young prophet-to-be Samuel, "continu(ing) to grow in stature and in favor with the Lord and with people."

But growth is not supposed to stop once you add that second digit to your age. Most of us stop growing taller in our teens or twenties, for instance (my daughter's got a bit of time for that one) - but our knowledge can continue until we take our last breath.

Now (2 months ago)
How about spiritually? As far as I understand it, that can NEVER stop - even after we go from this world to our eternal home in heaven. By listening to the Holy Spirit, staying in the Word, and practicing other spiritual disciplines, our relationship with the Father will deepen, and we will grow more and more like Him - no matter how long ago our age went from one digit to two (or how soon it might make it to three!).

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well, don't believe them. No matter your age, the Lord will help you grow more and more like His Son.

Heavenly Father, help us to continue to grow in Your favor, no matter how old we might get. Each day, we want to be more like Your Son. Draw us closer, and help us become the men and women You want us to be. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen

We're discussing this here, and at Living by Grace on Facebook. Won't you join us?
How have you grown in the past month? Year? Decade?

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  1. Kids are so amazing. They say you grow most when you're struggling the hardest, and I've certainly felt that with raising children. Every day is a new challenge, and you love them so much because you invest so much time and effort into them. For me, I've grown the most in being able to let the small things slide. I'm much more patient that I used to be. I can love a misbehaving child (or even adult) without loving the way they're acting. Definitely far from perfect, but that's what we're working toward, right?

    1. Kids ARE amazing - and the growth through raising my two has also been astronomical. Sounds like we're BOTH on the right track!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Doesn't time race by? We look up and our children are grown-ups! Mine is anyways and I miss those fun years when she was young. Enjoy this special birthday with her!!

    1. It IS racing by. Thanks, Terri! Love my girl :)


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