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Family Fun Far From Home

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Last week was a very fun time for my family. We took a weeklong vacation to a beautiful resort in Redmond, Oregon. We were there with my side of the family, who I hadn't seen in four years!

The flight was fine - though the drive from Eugene to Redmond was quite frightening at times - with more hairpin turns than I'd ever seen on a road. By the time we made it up and down those mountains, I was, in a word, frazzled.
Certainly pretty - but WHAT a drive!

But once we got there, it was absolutely lovely. I got to see my folks, two of my four brothers (both younger than I), my baby brother's wife, and their three kids. The resort was fabulous. The weather was lovely. The activities were delightful.
My daughter and her cousin enjoying a jump into the pool

We went horseback riding (fun, even though both both my daughter and I fell off - no injuries except our pride ;)), swimming, biking, and, of course, just plain visiting with the family. The females even got pedicures.
Hubby and son in the "Deuce Coupe"

We also took a drive to Crater Lake,
Beautiful, isn't it?
then most of us hiked down to it (a mile walk!), took a dip in that crystal clean water, then hoofed it back up. A tiring but TOTALLY worth it fun adventure.

The kids taking a break during our hike to the lake
My kids and my baby brother's oldest enjoying the lake

I have to say, though, the most unique, and perhaps surprising, part of our "furlough" (yeah - I'm stretching it - but this IS an F post, right?? giggle), were the furry friends who hung around the resort - and were much more forward than you would expect.
Three FAWNS, a doe, and a buck - at our back door!
They walked up to our porch without fear. We fed them (even the five-year-old) from our hands. We didn't freak them out even a little. And, perhaps most amazing, my daughter and her cousin/friend pet a  female one - for close to thirty-five minutes without fuss.
The dear loved bread - and my kids loved feeding it to them!
How often do you see - or get to do - this??
Such a fun, and special vacation. How was YOUR summer?

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  1. How awesome it that! What a wonderful opportunity for you- sure it was worth missing the Faithwriter's conference for this. Love the photos- swimming in that lake looks wonderful. How precious to be able to pet deer! Good memories for you and your lovely family.

    1. It really WAS wonderful. Lots more pix where those came from, of course LOL. Good times. Thanks for stopping by, Barb!

  2. What an awesome vacation!That water is beautiful, like you could almost drink from it.

    1. From what I understand, J'nell, it wasn't until very recently that they even allowed folks to swim in it, to preserve the cleanliness. It really is beautiful - even more so in person of course. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I spent 13 weeks in Portland a few years ago. The Northwest is absolutely stunning. Looks like you guys had a great time (except for falling of the horse). Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hehe - even falling off the horse wasn't terrible. Didn't get hurt or anything, and it was a good laugh for my family. :)

      It is beautiful there. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. What awesome memories! And how many kids get to pet a deer for such a length of time! Awesome.

    1. It really was awesome, Karla. My jaw LITERALLY dropped watching them (and I went up and pet it too, of course LOL). Thanks!


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