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Post Blue-Ridge: A Goals/Progress Post

What a month - not so much in the goals department, but DEFINITELY in the dreams. I've been back from Blue Ridge for just over a week, and I'm still not sure I've processed everything. But, of course, that's okay. Right? :)

And more about that later. But first, let' see how I did on my goals for May. Here they are, as usual - right from last month's goals/progress post.
  • Post, on topic, at least twice a week to my blog (with 2/3 of it fresh content) - this does not count teaser posts to other blogs I post to.
  • Prepare one-sheets for, and present pitches on, Flitter's Foggy Day and A Story of Faith.
  • Work at least some every week on Ailing Body, Nourished Soul
  • Enjoy and learn much from the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference in North Carolina the week before Memorial Day.
Me and my AMAZING Blue Ridge Buds :)
Well, considering I only managed six non-teaser posts last month (all but one fresh content, at least!), that first goal didn't exactly get met. But seriously - what was I thinking? Two posts  a week DURING Blue Ridge? Two the week before while I'm preparing?  I'll claim temporary insanity, I think LOL. I did get my one-sheets and pitches done - and even got a couple requests for Story of Faith and one for Flitter. They've been sent out already (did you know that only 30% of people actually send in the stuff editors and/or agents request at conferences and such? CRAAAAAZY!). And, of course, Blue Ridge was WONDERFUL in so many ways - I enjoyed. I learned much. I got to pretend to be an award-winning novella writer. And MORE :)  And I DID work on ABNS - probably not every week, but I DID work!

One thing I definitely got out of conference (among others!) is that I LOVE writing for children. In general, that is going to be my focus from here on out. It won't be the ONLY thing I write, but that's where I plan to hang my hat, so to speak.

So- how about June goals? With the kids home much of this month (they have ONE MORE WEEK of school), I'm going to be slim on home/kidless time, but I should be able to keep up some kind of pace/groove. So, I'll aim for the following:
  • Post at least ten times on my blog (that includes this post, and doesn't include teaser posts to other places I blog at).
  • Have a good handle, at least, on the organization of Ailing Body Nourished Soul.
  • Have a polished version of the honeybee picture book I started in my picture book practicum at Blue Ridge
  • Research SCWBI and other organizations that might help me with my new children's book focus.
Well, there you go! Thanks for reading - and cheering me on as I walk down this road.
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  1. Goals are good - and isn't it SO helpful to put them "out there" where you (and others) see them?! It's instant accountability for me!

    What a great "take home" from the conference - a focus on children's literature...

    Keep it up, Joanne!

    1. Thanks, Rebecca - I am TOTALLY the goal girl. Appreciate your encouragement!!

  2. AnonymousJune 01, 2013

    Hi, Joanne! I know we didn't get to meet at the conference, but I thought I'd share a very helpful message board for children's writers and illustrators. I've found lots of useful information there. Here's the link: http://www.verlakay.com/boards/index.php

    Best wishes on meeting your writing goals this month!

    1. Ohh - thanks for the message board link! Will definitely check it out.
      Have a FABULOUS day!


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