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Who To Root For

Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all 
your soul and with all your strength. Deuteronomy 6:5 NIV

On Saturday afternoon, our family had a bit of a dilemma - a conundrum, if you will.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my son is playing soccer this spring - his first time (at age 11, kinda unusual to be just starting, but he's enjoying himself, and he's played plenty at recess). We're halfway through the season, and the Neon Thunder (formerly the Neon Chipmunks - but that's another story) haven't lost a game yet.

Our last game was an away game, and the home team, it seemed, was short a player. There needs to be nine on the field for U12 soccer, and only eight of their players showed up. It could have been a forfeit (which, of course, is no fun for either side). Fortunately, there was another solution.

Our team, you see, had 13 members present. So, we lent them a player. And hence my dilemma.
You see, for the first quarter of the game, my son was on the opposing team.
So, the natural question for Hubby, Daughter and me was - who do we root for? If we cheered for the Neon Thunder, wouldn't it be rooting AGAINST our son? Yet, rooting for the orange team (never found out their team name) would be rooting against his team, and, ultimately, him as well.

I actually texted a couple of my friends to ask - and they both gave me the answer I should have come up with on my own: ROOT FOR YOUR SON.

Sometimes life can be like this too. Even Christianity. There might be factions, disagreements, among your friends, church family, biological family. Your cause (AWANA, perhaps) might be getting less appreciation/funding/attention than your friend's junior high ministry. Or God's favor may seem to be falling on someone else's ministry, while yours is floundering.

Who should you root for?

The answer, it seems, is almost identical. Only one word different: Root for The Son.

It is Christ - not programs, ministries, or individual efforts - we should be supporting. Wherever Jesus is, support it - even if he seems to be on "the opposing team."


How attached do you get to your "pet projects?" Do you find yourself devoted to a ministry, rather than the Lord? How can we be sure we aren't so caught up in what we're doing for the Lord that we're leaving Him behind - or, worse, on the opposing team?

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  1. YES!! What a great tie in, Joanne! Yes, root for The Son. Love it!! =]

  2. Perfect illustration Joanne. It's the Son the matters but it's easy to lose track of that without all the many programs.


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