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Finds for Fridays - May 18

  Finds for Fridays is my way of sharing some of the wonderful blogs posts I read each week. I am currently following close to 100 blogs and at least scan them as much as I can. Each week, I'll note and "set aside" some posts that especially speak to me for whatever reason. And each Friday that I am able, I'll share them with you. I hope you'll stop by and read the posts, and maybe even follow the blogs if you aren't already. A win-win, right?

And here they are!

Know What You're Entitled to as a Writer by Cynthia Ruchti at the ACFW blog (about privileges vs rights in our writing journey)

The Dangers of Being an Out-Of-Work Blogger by Lisa Mikitarian at Connecting Now (just read it. TOO hilarious)

Quality vs Quantity of Life by Dee Yoder at Jewels of Encouragement (about life as a gift and
 acceptance as worship)

S is for Simplify by Nikki Turner at In Truer Ink (about lots and lots of stuff)

Hope these posts bless you. I know they did me :)

Traveling Rough Roads With God's Strength


  1. Love your Friday finds! Thanks! I make new friends each week!

  2. Thanks for doing the scouring for us, Jo! Those were excellent articles.


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