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Talking About My Kitty...

Hey folks - I'm guest blogging over at Roxanne Rustand's All Creatures Great and Small blog today, talking about my sweet kitty, Twix, who I had for 18 years. Writing this post brought back a lot of memories (in fact, my post for tomorrow is partly on the same topic - and I forgot this guest post is where I got the idea from! LOL). Stop by and read about (and see!) my sweet kitty!

Traveling Rough Roads With God's Strength

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  1. What a beautiful story Joanne! She was so pretty. Calicos are just so uniquely colored.

    Twix sounds like a fabulous cat and I am so glad you got so many years with her. (I must admit when I saw 18 years I was like...God could you please let my Bella live that long...)

    Cats are wonderful!


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