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Is there a food that you truly enjoy, but nobody else in your family likes it? A delectable treat that tickles your taste buds, but your spouse and kids would rather eat dirt than consume?

And is this food one that needs to be cooked - so it's not a matter of just grabbing it from the store and stuffing it in your mouth? It take EFFORT to prepare it for just one person. And sometimes, it just doesn't feel like it's worth that effort.

My answer, of course, is "YES." And the food? YAMS: or perhaps more properly categorized, sweet potatoes.

It hasn't always been this way. My son, Andrew, LOVED them as a baby. For quite a while, they were his favorite baby food. Orange was a common stain color on his bib, and, of course, all over his face.

But his tastes changed to correspond more with my husband's (who doesn't even like to have one near him LOL) and daughter's. So I'm the sole sweet potato/yam lover in my house. And maybe I'm lazy, but rarely do I take the trouble of picking one up and baking it just for myself.
Part of my dinner at Brann's last Thursday

So I wait for Thanksgiving, when someone else MIGHT bring some to the family gathering (it's not too popular among the hubby's family either). Or I keep my eye out for it on the menu when we eat out. (I'm SO glad they're becoming more popular)

Every once in a while, I'll pick up a can of yams, or buy a sweet potato and bake it and have it for lunch. But it's not common. Perhaps I'll go treat myself with one...

If there aren't any at Thanksgiving.


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  1. I looove yams! Sweet potato fries are also a delightful treat. Your post made me eager for Thanksgiving dinner--especially the candied yams!

  2. LoL. YOu can have my yams. *shiver* But I am looking forward to Thanksgiving!! I love turkey and gravy. ;-)


  3. I love sweetpotato pie, or did. I haven't had in in 3 years because I haven't figured out how to make it without gluten.

  4. What's the difference between a yam and a sweet potato?

    I love my sweet potato baked crispy in a woodstove oven. It has a smokey roasted flavor to it! Mmmmmmm....

  5. Jim's mom always made them for me and Jim's dad. We're the only ones who would eat them:)

    My mom always makes them. Yum:) Love sweet taters!

  6. The older I get, the more they grow on me. Sweet potato fries are so yummy! Here's more good news- they're healthy too! Hooray for yams!

  7. I'm allergic to regular potatoes but I'm able to eat yams and sweet potatoes and I'm sooo glad cuz I love them! Sweet potato fries are getting more common around here, too, which is great. My mom doesn't like them, but will fix them for the rest of them.

    Vonnie, they are two different roots in the same plant family, I believe. Recently I would have told you that sweet potatoes are the whiter ones and yams are the deep orange/red ones, but recently someone told me that everything we have here in the U.S. is a kind of sweet potatoes and that yams only grow overseas....

    Diana, how strict do you have to be on the gluten-free things? We have a recipe for yam puff that would work for a yam pie filling. We put marshmallows on top and I'd guess they might have flour in the machinery that processes them (or maybe just corn?) but otherwise it's gluten free.

  8. ROFL! I absolutely PROMISE I didn't check anyone else's "Y" posts before I wrote mine! Can you believe we both posted about yams? TOO funny!

  9. I love yams with melted marshmallow topping. *Drool*

  10. Love yams!!!! And now I want one.


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