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 One of the very best days of my life was my WEDDING. Not only did I become the WIFE of a WONDERFUL, fun, giving, and special man, but I got a new name.

That name? SHER. In case you're curious, it's pronounced like "sure" - as in "Sure, WHY not?" Some people think it's funny for just that reason. I suppose it won't be too hard for folks to find a way to make fun of it.

When I'm asked to spell my last name, nine times out of ten, I get to the end and folks are waiting for "the rest" of it. You know: Sherman? Sherwood?
Wiener Dog Hot Dog Pictures, Images and Photos
But, do you know WHAT? I WON'T ever complain about it. WHY? Because the last name I traded in on May 29, 1994 was, in a word, WORSE. Much WORSE.

You think "Raise Your Hand if You're Sure" is embarrassing? Try having kids sing a certain commercial jingle to you as you WALK by. Try having your surname be an..um..unmentionable part of the male anatomy.
WienerMobile Pictures, Images and Photos
Try teaching - middle schoolers  - WITH this WINNER of a last name. (Yeah, I feel sorry for my brother, his wife, AND his precious children. But they're more self-confident than I am anyway.)

Of course, I could always have folks pronounce it another WAY. It DOES allow for another "sounding out." But even that implies I'm an annoying complainer.

Thankfully, it's no longer an issue WITH me. It's in my history. I WON'T be using my maiden name unless I need to (it WILL certainly NOT be my pennname). Sher sure is fine with me.

WELL - are you WISE enough to figure out WHAT my last name WAS? If not, keep WONDERING: and check out my graphic "hints." And if you don't care? WHATEVA!


Now THAT was a fun post to write! I'm sure the others will bless you as well. Be sure to stop by Ordinary Lives for more "W" posts.

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  1. Oh this is just too funny! Thanks for the chuckle first thing in the morning!

  2. Delight post! I grew up with the last name Ruth, so yep I was really happy to trade it.

    Actually, I had a professor in college named Dr. Wiener. Never thought about it having other implications, of course the kids in grade school--I'm sure that's a whole different subject.

  3. I feel your pain! I never liked my maiden name either--Fuller --at the time there were Fuller Brush Salesmen and people called me that. I'm much happier with my two other names from my first now deceased husband and my NOW husband.

  4. I laughed out loud because growing up I heard the song, "My bologna has a first name, it's Oscar..." all the time!! My maiden name is Meyer but kids never cared that the spelling was different. What a hoot!! Loved the post!

  5. That WAS fun!! And (surprisingly) I caught onto your hints. Did you dance along to the song, or just growl in protest? I like Sher - succinct and straightforward.

  6. LoL--I like Sher so much better, too. ;-)

  7. Do you know I've been pronouncing your last name wrong this whole time? This is hilarious. This has been most enlightening, Jo:) I've been pronouncing it Share. Hmmmm...Well duh:) lol. <3

  8. *giggle* No, my dear, I cannot imagine being a teacher and having your maiden name! But Sher never seemed odd to me!

  9. What a fun post! Thanks for the giggle. And I'm with Laurie--when I "said" your last name to myself I pronounced it as "share".


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