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Seeing Fall - and Giveaway winner!

I love the fall. And have since the very first time I "saw" it (REAL fall - changing leaves, etc. Not Southern California fall LOL). I share a bit about my first experience with a colorful autumn over at the Barn Door today. Hope you'll check it out!

But that's not what you're here for, is it? You wanna know who won the Starbucks card, right? Well, first, don't forget to check out Lisa's book, Her Safari - pick up a copy here. And check out my post here if you haven't already.

AND - tomorrow the blog tour continues at my very, VERY dear friend Cat's blog: http://catrinabradley.blogspot.com/. I do believe she's having a gift card giveaway as well.

Okay, enough of the delay. I used the random number generator to choose one commenter for the prize. And the winner is...


Congratulations, my friend. We'll be getting that out to you quick.

Riding God's Grace Over Rough Roads


  1. Congratulations, Wanda!

    And thanks to all the commenters and followers of the blog tour for Her Safari, by Lisa Mikitarian. We appreciate your support for this fabulous book!

  2. Woo hoo Wanda! Congrats!

    I'm SO excited about the tour bus stopping at my blog tomorrow! And yes, there will be a give-away. :) See you there. :

  3. Congrats,
    Wanda and I'm with you, Joanne, nothing like a beautiful fall day with more colors than the rainbow in the trees!

  4. Oh my imagine my surprise as I'm catching up on blog posts at this late hour. Thanks Joanne! The colors of fall are beautiful. It's one my favorite seasons.


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