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O is for "Only"

Ordinary Lives. From a 2 z 4 u & me
Welcome to week FIFTEEN of my dear, dear friend Patty Wysong's From  A 2 Z 4 U and me. We're working through the alphabet - one letter each Tuesday. No rules, other than your post has to relate to the letter of the week. Link up at Ordinary Lives and check out everyone else's post. Click on the graphic above for more details, and stop by Patty's blog on Tuesday or later to link up.
Thought about "O" for a while, and nothing really grabbed me, until I thought about the word ONLY. I figured I'd share several of the ways this word applies to me and my life.

All of us - plus Mom and Dad
  • I am the ONLY daughter in a family of five kids (natural, steps, and halfs). I did NOT like it. Not ONE bit. Though now that we're older, it's fine. I get a bunch of wonderful sisters-in-law, and I didn't have to share my room, clothes, or friends with them when I was little :)
  • As much as I can remember, I was the ONLY person in any of my elementary, junior high, or high school classes named "Joanne." I never had to be Joanne W(or worse!). I was never crazy about my name, though I thought "Joanna" was pretty nice. Nobody ever called me that, though.
  • I am probably the ONLY person who lives in Michigan who doesn't like apples. True, I'm not from here, but Michigan is one of the apple capitals of the world, and I would avoid them in just about every form (other than apple juice or totally covered with caramel).
  • Marc and I have been some of the ONLY Jewish converts at the three churches we have attended. It's a blessing to be able to share our experiences as God's chosen people. I love studying the Old Testament (where I see SO many reflections of Christ) and the New Testament (where I understand, more than many I think, how it fulfills the Old Testament).
  • There is ONLY one way to get into heaven--and I found it when I read Isaiah 53 in February of 1999. Jesus died for my sins. By His wounds I am healed.
I'm sure I have other ONLYs, but those are the ones that come to mind. Hope you enjoyed learning a few ways I'm unique. Be sure to stop by Patty's blog for more A2Z4U and Me. Fun stuff!

Riding God's Grace Over Rough Roads


  1. It must be totally fascinating to be a Jewish convert. I feel like I could sit at your feet for days, just soaking in that OT/NT knowledge :) That's a lotta brothers - great family pic!

  2. I'm glad there's ONLY one of you, because no one could be as special as you!

  3. I like your theme, Joanne. I know how you must have felt, being the Only One in a houseful of boys. That's my life now. But I love it. :)

  4. Great list! I especially loved the last one, and yep, there is ONLY one of you!

    Same for me on the boys. Four half brothers, one full and I was the ONLY girl :-)

  5. A song from the Platters comes to mind "Only You"

    Though I've met you only one time, I know that you are a super special lady! :)

  6. ONLY YOU could be so sweet, special and wonderful as you are! Hugs!

  7. It's the delightful combination of each aspect of your only things that make you the special person you are!

  8. I like this! It's a great way to look at the word 'only.'

  9. OK- let's try this again. I'm the one with sloppy fingers that doesn't like apples. (Hit the button too soon...sigh)

  10. LOVE this post, Joanne!
    I am an ONLY child.
    ONLY female currently dwelling in my house (5 male humans, 3 male dogs).
    And probably the ONLY person in Colorado who has never been rafting or tubing, in spite of living within a stone's throw of the Colorado River!
    But I have found the ONLY way to heaven, and that's all that really matters in the long run!

  11. Are MI apples as crisp and yummy as Washington apples? Do you have Braeburn and Gala apples? I wonder if you'd like REAL apples.... ;-)

    Fun post! Have you ever been to a Messianic Jewish tabernacle/church? We have one in my town and it's really cool to visit (though they are more charismatic than I would have expected).

  12. Perfect opportunity to share more about yourself.

  13. Only...that's a very original way to use O. :) Thank you for sharing your family picture.

  14. You are my ONLY JoDear. ;-)
    Love ya!


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