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N is for New

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This is the season of NEW for me, in a lot of ways.

In two weeks, my kids will be starting a NEW school year, with NEW teachers, NEW responsibilities and likely NEW friends. My daughter's going into second grade and my son fifth. My lovely daughter will be a Brownie this year - that's definitely NEW for her (she's been a Daisy the past two years). And my son will be in band for the first time - playing the trumpet. Another NEW experience.

On that very same day, I'll be starting a NEW Bible study at my church with the ladies. It's a Juanita Purcell study, on Contentment. I've done three other Juanita Purcell studies, and they always bless me. And the topic? OHHH so timely and appropriate for me!

And with Fall comes the NEW schedule for me. No more sleeping in until 7:30 or 8 every day. No more occasional days where I don't have to get into the car. No more working around the kids' noise during the day. This season has the potential to bring my productivity to NEW levels.

And then there's another issue: my nonfiction manuscript (completed) that I may need to look at in a NEW way. Thanks to this friend, and this one, I'm considering different ways to rework Ailing Body, Nourished Soul to make it more sellable in today's market. What will that look like? Not sure. I could fictionalize it. I could make it more of a "how-to" book with my life experience as examples. Or maybe another option I haven't thought of yet. I'm not getting much response from agents I'm querying (though I'm not QUITE done querying as is - sent one yesterday and have one more I hope to get out before the end of the month), and God may be pushing me to re-evaluate this book of my heart.

Somehow September seems, to me anyway, like a better time to make a NEW start, especially when you have kids in school. And though all my project may not be NEW, I'm praying that the Lord will give me NEW eyes - eyes like His - to do all He has put in my path.

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  1. You've got some exciting things ahead of you! Thankfully,God's Mercies are NEW every morning so that you can cope with it all! :)

  2. That was good Joanne. Love looking at the fall from that prospective!

  3. New is good! I too, look at the beginning of the school year as my new start.

  4. In the midst of your "new" don't underestimate the worthiness of your old--the story that's been writing you for years. Yes, I think it's sometimes good to step back and give it a fresh look. Sometimes we're so attached to our words, it's hard to look at them in a new way. But I'm certain there is a way you can package your words in a way that will get the attention of a publisher and, ultimately, be a great source of encouragement for readers who are walking a similar path.

    Keep to is, friend, and thanks for stopping by my blog today and lending your words of encouragement.


  5. I know spring is usually the season for renewal, but I've always thought of the fall as the opening season. And I love the feel of a clean slate when I'm starting something NEW - that in itself is a renewal!

  6. Love this perspective on fall! Praying that God prospers Ailing Body, Nourished Soul according to His will. Love you!

  7. Thank you, Joanne! I tend to get quite gloomy as fall approaches because I knew it means snow and cold are on their way. Nice to change my paradigm!

  8. Great N word, JoDear! New is good, and the start of a school year is a great new start. =]

  9. I'm doing some "new" myself--stay tuned on that one! New can be scary, depressing, and exciting--all at the same time. Great way to keep it in perspective to see what He has in store for you!

  10. Sounds like an awesome time, Jo. Take advantage of it! Proud of you!!!

  11. It can be so hard to let go of a special project like that. I'm glad you have some ideas of ways you might be able to rework it. Praying for wisdom in that and that either now or later God will bring it into the right agent and then publisher's hand.

    Blessings on the rest of the wonderful NEW things your family is starting on!

  12. Hi Joanne! I loved your post and excited for your boy who is learning to play trumpet! I have played for over 30 years and have enjoyed meeting new people and playing in the marching bands at school.

    Blessings for a great school year for all of the family!


  13. Wow. Lots of new things afoot for you and your family. I like new. It's challenging and exciting at the same time. May God direct and bless in all of the newness.

  14. Advice from those in the industry is like gold. Treasure it, consider it, then wear and use it however it suits you. Praying for you and cheering you on as you rework AB,NS. Like Elaine said, don't give up :) Love ya!


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