“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” Mark Twain

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A while back, Marc and I took the kids on a surprise trip, and this taught me a bit about following the Lord. Would love to have you stop by Jewels of Encouragement today and read about "Going Out."

Ordinary Lives. From a 2 z 4 u & me

Welcome to week nine of my dear, dear friend Patty Wysong's From A 2 Z 4 U and me. We're work through the alphabet - one letter each Tuesday. No rules, other than your post has to relate to the letter of the week. Link up at Ordinary Lives and check out everyone else's post. Click on the graphic above for more details, and stop by Patty's blog to link up.
This week's letter is "I," and I decided to go along with Patty's suggestion for this particular letter. So, here at my blog, I is for "introduction" - to me, that is.

Since you had the privilege (LOL maybe?) of seeing several pictures of me last week, this post isn't going to be quite as, um, pictureful as the last. And I've decided to do it in the form or an acrostic (since we're ALL about letters of the alphabet here, yanno?). Soooo here I go:

ALPHABET Pictures, Images and Photosis for JEWISH, the religion in which I was born and raised. It also stands for JESUS - who entered my life when I was 32, and who has controlled it ever since. And, perhaps for obvious reasons, it also stands for JOANNE. Cuz, well, that's my name (don't wear it out) ;). J also stands for JEWELERS - my heart friends that started as a way to encourage FWer challenge "enterers" and has morphed into so much more, including the OTHER blog I'm posting at today.

O Pictures, Images and
is for OUTGOING, a word most people associate with yours truly. I am most definitely a people person. Any arguments? Hmmmmm?It's also for OLD. As in the Old Testament. Which I LOVE having a lot of knowledge of because of being raised Jewish.

a Pictures, Images and
is for ANDREW and ANNIKA, my beautiful children. And I already wrote a post about them, so check it out if you want more info. It's also for AILING BODY, NOURISHED SOUL, the nonfiction book I'm currently pitching.

alphabet N Pictures,
Images and Photos

is for NEW TESTAMENT. Which I've only been reading since 1998. And which gives me goosebumps just about every time I dig in. And which I see reflections of throughout the Old Testament.

ALPHABET Pictures,
Images and Photos

is ALSO for NOTEBOOK . I LOVE my laptop (just ask anyone in my family), but sometimes, I just need to write longhand in my red spiral notebook - or my greenish one with a pen holder. It seems, sometimes anyhow, that I write better there. (Though typing it all in later is NOT my favorite part.)

E Pictures, Images and Photosis for EDITING. When I was in college, I used to go around the dorms looking for papers to proofread on study breaks, because it helped me relax (TRUE STORY). It's something I truly enjoy, and that I've been told I'm good at. And now I'm doing it, at least sometimes, for income. LOVE being able to help my house financially - and I get to help writers. How awesome is that?

Now, I wouldn't exactly say this was me in a nutshell, but it's a bit of an INTRODUCTION to some important things in my life. (and of course, I just realized I could have done this post for NEXT week too - but oh well! I'll think of something, I suppose)

(and if you're curious, I found all my little graphics on Photobucket)

Be sure to stop by Ordinary Lives for more A2Z4UandMe posts.

Paving Rough Roads With God's Presence


  1. Loved your post! Love the graphics too.

  2. You did it!! I knew you could!! Great acrostic! And sooooo well fitted to YOU. =]

    Love it, JoDear!! =] =]

  3. Wonderful acrostic! WHen I read it, I thought the same thing Patty said, it fit your fantastic personality! Love you!

  4. Well, knowing how unfocused I am, I had to phase out your jumpy little letters and look only at your words. lol. Great post, Jo! :) Can't wait to see what you come up with for J now, Silly:) lol

  5. Teehee! I loved the dancing "N" and getting ta know ya just a bit more, JJ! *HUGS*

  6. Oh, Acrostic is a cute idea! (mine would have been awfully short, tho!) Loved the post.

  7. Cute idea and the graphics just made it!

  8. Those dancing graphics just suit ya :) I didn't know you were editing as well - super cool.

  9. I'm with you on the 'outgoing' part. Me, too!

    From one to another,

    Waving and smiling,


  10. I always enjoy reading - and looking at - your creative posts, Joanne. My mother does acrostics for many of her Bible studies. Your special alphabet would really had some spark to hers.

    See you soon!

  11. Awesome! Loved the graphics AND the acrostic... very Jewish psalmist of you. : )

  12. What a great acrostic and insight into who Joanne is. I especially love the looking for things to edit note!


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