Finds for Fridays, December 17

Finds for Fridays
is my way of sharing some of the wonderful blogs posts I read each week. I am currently following about 100 blogs and at least scan them as much as I can. Each week, I'll note and "set aside" some posts that especially speak to me for whatever reason. And each Friday that I am able, I'll share them with you. I hope you'll stop by and read the posts, and maybe even follow the blogs if you aren't already. A win-win, right?

And they are!

I'm Being Good, Mama by Jan Ackerson at Empty Wombs (about the pain of infertility)

Surviving the Unthinkable by Elaine Cooper at Reflections in Hindsight (about coping with a loss dear to you)

Blessed to Receive by Mary Hampton at Internet Cafe Devotions Family Counter (about appreciating our gifts)

Tamales on Christmas Eve by Nathan Bransford at Nathan Bransford-Author (about the history of a family tradition)

Southern Snow Friendships by Christy McGraw at Critty Joy (about friendship)

Lighting up the dark this Christmas By Lynda Schab at On The Write Track (about serving others this season)

12 Days of Christmas: Day 12 By Sara Harricharan at Fiction Fusion (a story based on a crazy Christmas song)

Well - there's a bit of everything here - interesting, hysterical, poignant, and thought-provoking. Hope you stop by and enjoy these, and maybe even follow the blogs. You won't be sorry.

Paving Rough Roads With God's Presence


  1. Oooh, some good posts JJ! and wows, I'm up there. :D

  2. I am honored to be in such good company up there...some really great posts.

    Oh sweet Joanne. You always encourage me...even when you have no clue you do it. I almost did not post that post and then I almost pulled it.

    God uses you so often to remind me my writing does matter and He is in it...always.

    You. Bless. Me.

  3. Thanks for including my post, Jo. I'm off to check out the others you mentioned.

    Oh -and just a heads of these days I'm going to copy your Friday Finds idea on my blog. :-) I love it.


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