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The Family I've Never Met (Monday Manna)

The purpose of Monday Manna is to get together and get to know Christ more through His Word.

On the first and third Mondays of each month, anyone who wants to participate can post their thoughts on a specific verse--posted here at my blog on the Thursday before, to allow you to chew on it over the weekend. It doesn't have to be long -- just a few thoughts, a picture you feel helps express it, a poem, a short story, a devotional. Just post it on your blog on Mondayish (early OR late is fine, by the way!), then come back here and link up in the Linky Tools gadget that will be at the bottom of MY post at o'dark thirty that morning.

I selected this Monday's verse in a rather nontraditional way, but I'm SO glad I came across it. I never would have chosen it otherwise, I'm sure.
Dear friend, you are faithful in what you are doing for the brothers, even though they are strangers to you. 3 John 5
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Mine are below.


I grew up with a large extended family--especially on my maternal grandmother's side. She had several siblings, all of whom had several kids, who had several kids, and so on. It was hard for me to keep track of who was related to who, and how. Several were only names, and MAYBE photos in a scrapbook.

But still, they were family. According to grandma, no matter how far back the connection, or how many "removeds" there might be, we're all cousins. (So, when I tell you that Evan Cohen - who played the neighbors' little boy on the VERY short-lived TV series "The Ropers" - is my cousin, you should take it with maybe even LESS than a grain of salt)

Wanna guess how much help and/or encouragement I've given these members of my family, especially the "cousins" I've either never or rarely met? Not much. And I'd guess you are the same about those relatives you may never have met, or perhaps don't even know exist.

But, since I came to Christ over a decade ago, my family has grown exponentially. I, along with every other Christian on this planet, are members of the family of God. We are ALL brothers and sisters (and that's even closer than "cousins").

And the folks the apostle John wrote to in his third letter have taught me a bit about how I'm supposed to be  treating my family--even the ones I don't know.
I should be faithful to do things for them.
Gaius, a friend of the apostle John, was doing just this for people he scarcely knew. Yes, they were his brothers. All in the same family - parts of the same Body, in fact. And we must be at least as concerned with our siblings in Christ as we are for our biological family.
In my case, MORE concerned.

Thanks for reading my thoughts. Hope you'll share your own on these verses and link up below, or just read what others have contributed. You will be blessed :)

Paving Rough Roads With God's Presence


  1. Joanne,
    I enjoyed reading your thoughts here. I know since I became a Christian, I have felt that desire and need to reach out to my new family more than I did as well to my 50 plus cousins who I don't know at all.

  2. Joanne, unfortunately I didn't get much time to chew on the verse over the weekend but the insights you shared were very enlightening.

  3. Oh, the body of Christ... how it has enacted its love on my behalf over the course of my lifetime, none more so than in the past couple of months. I am humbled to the core and have purposed in my heart to do a better job at playing my role therein. I want to love my brothers and sisters because Christ loves them and not for any other reason.

    Just because.

    Thanks for standing in the gap for me, sister. I can't wait to share heaven with you. Until then, let's keep journeying together from a distance.

    Love you.



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