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The Three R's

Firstly, I'm this week's Family Counter Barista over at Internet Cafe' Devotions. Stop over at that wonderful blog and see what I have to say about "What's On Your Schedule This School Year." While you're there, look around. Their daily devotionals are always a blessing, and don't miss the pieces in the marriage and ministry counters as well.
I have always loved to read and 'rite. And I've been told that I'm quite good at 'rithmetic as well, though I'm not exactly fond of it. But it's always been around me. That's what comes from spending much of your childhood years with two CPA parents. Apparently, all three are in my blood.
But one of them has been neglected for much of the summer. And it's likely not the one you think.
Writing has not been my problem. And, if you have been keeping track of my monthly goals/progress posts, you probably realize that I've been "doing the math" - counting words written, pages edited, words typed in. I'll even sit down and figure out how many words I need to do a day to finish my goal by the end of each month (that's DIVISION, folks - not for the faint of heart!).

It's the READING that has been lacking. Sure, I read blogs, my Bible, and even the weekend newspaper. But BOOKS are another issue. And if there's one bit of advice I've heard over and over it's that one of the best ways to become a better writer is to read.

So, with the kids in school (yeah - today is their first day), I'm going to make a concerted effort to read actual books. Not only will I no doubt enjoy it, but it will improve my craft. I have tons of books in my house (you should see my library! - and no - that is NOT it up there, but it's not TOO much of an exaggeration), but I would also love to find some great ones that are not already in my possession. Sooo, feel free to leave me a suggestion or two in the comments. I might even check one out.

But in the meantime - I guess I'll get back to that 'ritin' and 'rithmetic ;)

So...any book suggestions for me?

Paving Rough Roads With God's Presence


  1. I have stepped out of Christian fiction and read some of Elizabeth Berg's books. I love love her style:)

  2. Great article over at Internet Cafe! Have fun spending some time reading and possibly sipping some coffee!!!

  3. Hope you find a book you can get lost in soon.

  4. I don't have many "must read" books, but I highly recommend "Me, Myself and Bob". It was the first book in years that I actually read in one take. A fascinating look at the rise and fall of a franchise and the personal struggles Phil had in the process.

    As a side note: That may also have been the only book I've ever read.


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