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Quenching The Fire: Word-Filled Wednesday

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Got to thinking about fire recently. When there's a huge one, like the fireball in San Bruno, getting it under control is a huge issue. Quenching it is actually the goal - and just keeping it contained is good news.

But other fires are different. To stop the fire of a candle, all you need is two fingers. Or for a contained campfire, a bucket of water and maybe some sand.

The Holy Spirit's fire can be any of those. Perhaps the best way to keep ourselves from quenching it is to keep it burning hot. It's much easier to put out a small fire than a large one, isn't it?

Do not put out the Spirit's fire. 1 Thessalonians 5:19

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  1. Our willfulness and other such things can sure put out the fire of the Spirit really quick! This is a poignant reminder, thank you!

    God bless you this WFW. I enjoyed your graphic and scripture!

  2. Oh I love this one Joanne. May the fire of the Holy Spirit burn continually within us.

  3. I am in awe of grieving the Holy Spirit...and yet we so often are so unaware of what we are doing.

  4. It's amazing isn't it Joanne that whether we are trying to "put out a fire" or "keep the Spirit fire" burning, the POWER of fire is undeniable...
    I pray daily for the "fire" to continually burn and grow inside of me...

    (saw your note this morning at exemplify...I happened to be a few steps ahead of myself...my article flowed from circumstances in our life...love when God meets us where we are like that. Holler at me if I need to do anything for you! ;) What a blessing you are to so many!)


  5. Wow! What a powerful thought! Thanks for sharing and encouraging us to keep the Holy Spirit burning in our hearts and being evident through our lives.

  6. Nice one, Jo! What a great lesson. I've been stoking the fire lately, hoping to get it roaring and burning bright.

  7. you know I think I need to go back and read 1 Thess. again b/c this is the 4th verse from 1 Thess. 11 that has popped out at me! lol


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