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"It's My Party, And..." (also a giveaway)

Wasn't sure what to write for today's post.

I went back and looked at my last two posts from this date - and I was actually pretty impressed with them. On August 3, 2008, I wrote about how we should look at Sundays. On August 3, 2009, it was Monday Manna, and I wrote on Philippians 4:9 - and how we should ALL be imitating Christ so well that we could say, as Paul did, that we should imitate him.

But somehow, for some reason, I don't feel like I have any specific words of wisdom for you on August 3, 2010. So, I guess, I'll just share words.

Yeah - if you haven't guessed - it's my birthday today. I'm now a whopping 43 years old. I'm not shy to share my age - never really have been (though I've tried to convince people I was older on occasion - not recently, trust me!). And, in all honesty, I LOVE birthdays. I'm still a little kid that way. LOVE to get cards. LOVE to get phone calls and emails and tweets and FB notes from folks. Presents are nice too - and special meals. And I love to make a big deal about others' birthdays too. To me, it's just plain fun.

But HEY - I just thought of something! Sure, it's MY birthday - but maybe what I should do is give YOU GUYS a present! (some people call it a giveaway - but cuz it's on my birthday, it's a present. Got it?)

And what will it be, you ask? How about...a copy of a book that several of my writing friends and I have a story in? With some of those very stories signed? How does that sound?

An immigrant and her young daughter, struggling to reach their dream…a special needs child, searching for hope…a newly released ex-con, seeking forgiveness. They have one thing in common—they’re about to be touched by God in a way they never imagined.

All through a simple postcard.

Brought up in a strict Muslim home in London, Sulafa has recently experienced the transforming power of Jesus Christ. Now, despite fear of discovery and its consequences, she knows she has to spread the good news. In an act of bravery, she sends out postcards with a single message: Let me pray for you. Her simple postcard request impacts lives and brings hope in the midst of hopelessness. Check out http://peculiarpeoplebooks.com/postcard-project.htm for more info.
This contest will run from today, MY birthday, through Sunday, August 15 - MY HUSBAND'S birthday (yes, I am exactly 12 days older than he is - and do I EVER hear about it! LOL). I'll announce a winner on August 16. I will, by the way, be picking up my copy from the FaithWriters' Writing Conference in Livonia Michigan (still not too late to sign up) August 13 and 14. And some of the writers of the book will be there - and as many as I can find will sign it for you. :) I can pretty much guarantee two - probably more.

To enter, all you have to do is comment on this post, and leave me your email address if I can't get a hold of you through your profile (LOL or if I don't already HAVE your email address!). May come up with other ways to win, but this is it for now :D

OK - now I am feeling better about this post. It may not be profound, but I get to give out a PRESENT--on my OWN birthday! :D

Paving Rough Roads With God's Presence


  1. Happy Birthday to you!!!! I wish someday I could come to that conference. It sounds wonderful!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I'm looking forward to finally meeting you in person at the conference. I hope you're having a great day. God Bless!

  3. Happy Birthday!!
    You are such a blessing!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JoDear!! In 10 days I'll give you your birthday hug (and card LoL). CanNOT wait!!

    Happy Birthday, sweetie!!
    Hope you have a WONderful day!! =] =]

  5. What a special thing to do on your b-day!
    I'm am thankful to call you friend!

    Don't put me in the drawing! I have the book. lol

    Hugs, Rita

  6. Happy Birthday to us both! Happy to share the day with you.

    Maybe I'll a birthday present that celebrates us both, eh?

  7. I'm a little disappointed that you referred me to a bunch of other awesome blogs but never told me about yours! Now that I found it I will definitely be subscribing! Happy birthday again - you are truly an amazing woman!

    Joy Battey

  8. Oh what a wonderful way to celebrate! Happy Birthday, JO!
    If I win, I'd love it to be signed by as many contributing authors as possible...since I can't be there with you.

  9. Happy Birthday! I've got a year on you, but you wear yours so much better than me. May the favor, blessing, & joy of our Lord rest upon you in this new year of living.


  10. Happy Birthday, dear Jo! I love birthdays, too. I love cake and ice cream, decorations and presents. It's a joy to celebrate someones life because life is precious! I'd LOVE to win this book--and I'm with Vonnie: get as many sigs as possible since I won't get to be there this year. ): (And give them hugs from Dee, too!)

  11. I will DEFINITELY get as many signatures as I possibly can!! Can't find my copy (LOL yes, I'm still looking for things months after I moved) so I can't remember who's in it in comparison to who's there. Dub, Amy, and me, for sure...

  12. Woo-hoo! Happy Birthday, Joanne!

  13. Ahhh...I'm a little late but Happy Belated birthday Joanne. We both share birthdays in August and I just happen to be the reverse of your age today. Hope you enjoyed a blessed birthday.

  14. I'm jumping in very late, but I hope you had a mah---valous birthday, Joanne! I would love, love, love to win a copy of this book. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be a part of this project, but I've wanted to read it ever since the concept was announced. Please enter me!

    See you in a few hours!

  15. Janice FitzpatrickAugust 14, 2010

    Happy Birthday kiddo.Haven't talked to you in quite a while. So happy to hear that you are working on these novels. Oh, and I would love to win a book that has many of the writings from writer friends. I'm actually reading the 2nd book from the series of Wanda Brunstetter's Daughter books. (The Storekeeper's Daughter was wonderful and has me now hurrying through the pages to find out what happens next, in, The Quilter's Daughter, and next the Bishop's Daughter.)Blessings to you Joanne and all of the FW family. I pray all of you have had a wonderful time at the conference. Sigh, couldn't make it this year, maybe next. Love, in Christ, Janice Fitzpatrick

  16. Happy Birthday belated birthday, you young thing! :o) I'm 6 years older than you... lol I'm 9 days older than my hubby, so I know what you go through... lol Although I was a preemie so I actually here that he's really older!

  17. Joanne I am so proud of you..back to work now--Donna wesenick


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