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Nurturing the Whole Writer (for FREE!) - final post

We're SSOOOOO close now!!

I'm SO hoping everyone who wants to be at this conference WILL be there next week. And, thanks to an amazing and anonymous Faithwriters member, conference admission no longer need be an obstacle.

I'm taking my last Faithwriters' Writing Conference post to highlight a note Deb Porter posted earlier this week. As usual, I will post the general details of the conference first, then follow it with the information on how YOU, if you can get there and cover accommodations, can come to this wonderful conference completely free of charge.

Again - here are the basics. Click on the conference button on the top of my sidebar or at the bottom of this post to get even more information.
Nurturing the Whole Writer
Friday and Saturday, August 7 and 8, 2009
Radisson Hotel, Livonia, MI
Cost: $72 for FW 500 members
$82 for others

Topic: Want to Attend, But Can't Afford It?
Perhaps you live fairly close to Livonia (or at least within driving distance), and would love to attend the conference, but haven't been able to register because of the cost. We know there are many who have been in this situation. You aren't alone, but we may have a solution for you.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of one of our beautiful members, we are in the position to cover the registration cost for a number of people who are in that circumstance. So if you can get to the venue, and either don't need accommodation or can cover the cost of that yourself, then we need to hear from you.

I've been blown away by the generosity of members toward other members. There has been such a heartfelt desire from so many different people to quietly bless others with the gift of attending the conference. This last act of generosity just adds the icing to the cake.

So if you can get to Livonia, even if only for the Saturday, and would LOVE to attend, PLEASE let me know by email now. We want you to be there.

Love, Deb
(NOTE FROM ME: Let me know if you're interested, and I can get you hooked up with Deb and this WONDERFUL opportunity!)

SOOOoo - are you coming?? I'll see you there!! (and I hope to post some pictures here NEXT Saturday, straight from the conference itself!)


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