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Time is Running Out! (Nurturing The Whole Writer--part 7)

Will you have a look at that ticker?!? Less than two weeks! Excitement is rising big time at the Faithwriters' message boards, at Facebook, and probably several other places I'm not thinking of. And, of course, in my brain. If you haven't registered yet, you REALLY need to get at it! (and it's not just me talking - click here to check out an important message)

Again - here are the basics. Click on the conference button on the top of my sidebar or at the bottom of this post to get even more information and to register.
Nurturing the Whole Writer
Friday and Saturday, August 7 and 8, 2009
Radisson Hotel, Livonia, MI
Cost: $72 for FW 500 members
$82 for others
And now for a bit of info on the workshop blocks (these are the times when we break into smaller groups during the conference for instruction - where you actually have to CHOOSE between two incredible options for learning). There are actually four times during the conference where this will be happening, with two sessions to choose from for each.

WORKSHOP BLOCK ONE (choose one of two)
The Reticent ClientTechniques to Get Even the Mute to Speak
The lovely and multi-talented Cori Smelker (winner of the 2008 Faithwriters and Finesse Writing and Editing Services' Page Turner Writing Contest) will share her knowledge of how to get your client or interview subject talking. And who doesn't need this information!
Thoughts that Breathe, Words that BurnHow to Bring Your Poetry to Life
Are you a poet? Do you want to be? Then this is the session for you! Incredible writer/editor and the 2008 Faithwriters' Best of the Best winner Jan Ackerson will lead a hands-on workshop, with tips, tricks and exercises to unleash your inner poet and create poetry that will impact your reader.

WORKSHOP BLOCK TWO (choose one of two)
It’s a Risky BusinessOr How Not to End Up in a Thai Jail
The amazing Deb Porter--Faithwriters' writing challenge coordinator, editor, writer, speaker, and overall incredible lady-- will not only look at the responsibilities of the writer in this modern world of instant communication, but also highlight some of the risks and pitfalls writers may face if they let enthusiasm and passion run rampant over caution and wisdom.
Creating Characters Who are Strong in Their Faith
Linore Rose Burkard, inspirational regency romance author, will show us how to walk the delicate line between including spiritual content and coming across as preachy or offensive in your characterization

WORKSHOP BLOCK THREE (choose one of two)
Catch and ReleaseThe All Important Start and Finish
It's the dear Jan Ackerson again, showing you how to hook your reader from the start, and then release them with style. This one is for fiction or non-fiction writers.
Story TellingGetting the Most Bang for the Buck
Let David Ian (writer, playwright, director, actor, and all around cool dude) take you on a journey through all the elements of a well crafted story. From exposition to denouement, discover how to turn those elusive ideas into stories that will give your reader more bang for their buck.

WORKSHOP BLOCK FOUR (choose one of two)
The Fig Tree Shall Not BlossomHow to Handle a Writer’s Worst Nightmare
It's the wonderful Cori Smelker once again, sharing how to break through writer’s block and bring forth a bountiful harvest of inspiration to get you writing again.
Critiquing for the Fainthearted and the FearlessIt Doesn’t Have to Leave Scars
For some, the thought of being critiqued or critiquing is enough to send them running for cover. For others, it's a blood sport – shoot from the hip and take no captives. Join Deb Porter as she finds the balance and shows that critiquing can be fun – for all involved. Not only that, but you’ll also discover how critiquing others can actually help improve your own writing.

Very tough choices, eh? But SO worth attending. .
Are you coming? HAVE YOU REGISTERED? Can't delay much longer! Hope to see you there!

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  1. I really need to make it to a writer's conference soon. Hope you have a great time, Joanne!


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