"If you write FOR a particular market or FOR a particular editor you will often miss the mark. But if you write because your fingers have danced across the keyboard, because a character has tapped you on the shoulder, because a story has settled in your heart, then even if you never sell it you have done the work you were meant to do. And sometime, dear readers, real magic happens." Jane Yolen


I'm Here...

Just not "here," per se. Have had a sick kid, and now a sick power cord for my laptop! (and when you have a sick kid, you can't just go down in the basement and play on the puter there, cuz the sick kid needs tending to!) The new power cord is in the mail(theoretically, anyway!) and should arrive in the next day or two.

Praying the sick kid is no longer an issue before the sick power cord - yanno? Poor guy has had an awful cough and fever (off and on) for a WEEK now.

Hope to be back to writing (AND reading) blogs VERY soon!

Cheerio - and praying you are having a God-filled, blessed day!


  1. Joanne, hope all is well soon:-) Prayers for speedy mail service and healing for your son.

  2. Take care of yourself, Joanne. Hope your son is well soon and you avoid getting it.

  3. Prayers for you and A, and for a healthy household again soon!!! I love you my sister.

  4. Awww...

    Lord, please help the sick ones get well, and the well ones not get sick, and all of them to glorify You whatever happens!

  5. Hoping things are back to "normal" soon, Jo! Love you!

  6. Love you, sister. You KNOW I am praying for you.


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