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Tour of MY Home (Holidays at the Cafe)

I hope you're enjoying Holidays at the Cafe' this month! I know I am. Today is the Tour of Homes, where we all get to show off our holiday decorations. Be sure to stop by this week's post to see the others' beautiful decorations.
I love the look of Christmas. Though we don't do a whole lot in the Sher house (and absolutely nothing on the outside of it!), we always have those little touches that help us remember it is that special season.

First, of course, is the tree. We do artificial, and the kids help put it together. They love sorting the branches and "puffing them out." It's a nice family time, so I thought I'd start out with some pictures of the process.

But you're not here (I don't think, anyway) to see what our living room looked like "in process," are you? You wanna see it all gussied up. Well, here we go!

Sorry, couldn't help but throw in ONE more of the fambly (my husband was the supervisor, and the picture taker, which explains why you will find neither hide nor hair of him in these pictures!). This one was taken right after we finished putting up the tree. We're all pretty pleased with how it turned out.

And now, the picture you've all been waiting for (c'mon, humor me a bit!)--the full tree, decorated in all its finery.
The ornaments range from nativity-related to handmade to angels to Santa, and everything in between. Are you supposed to MATCH? I certainly hope not :)

We really don't do a whole lot more decorating related, though we do have an end table in the living room that I "decorate" with Christmas-related children's books, and the top of the curio is the "home" for our incoming Christmas cards.

We also have a musical Christmas clock that hangs in the kitchen that plays a different Christmas Carol on the hour, plus some holiday placemats. And, of course, our nativity scene. And please don't laugh--we have rambunctious kids and a fairly wild cat, and we'd like it to last as long as possible.

Yes, that is a fireplace "manger"--complete with screen. The fireplace is not safe to use, so don't think we burn the shepherds by mistake. And by the way, we have always had a kids' manger scene that they can play with, but we lost the pieces to it and I forgot to get a new one for the kids this year. That will be remedied soon - or at least by NEXT Christmas!

Well, that's it! I hope you have enjoyed seeing the Sher home at Christmastime. I look forward to checking out the other cafe folks' homes at the tour of homes link myself!

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  1. If ornaments are supposed to match then I'm I'm out of whack right along with you! I like to have a mix of all sorts of angels, birds, stars, etc. Nevetr did like one colour trees.
    It looks lovely!

  2. Sweetie, your ornaments DO match! It's the home-touch. I LOVED seeing your tree and home! But my fave? Seeing you and the kids! Too adorable! (next time nab the camera and get one of Marc supervising. LoL)

    Your idea for the Nativity set really is genius!

  3. I love seeing you with your kids. Very nice. Merry Christmas, Jo!

  4. what a neat spot to put your n ativity!

  5. I love all these pictures of my jewelly sister's trees and kids and decorations! Fun, fun, fun! Thanks for sharing your lovely home and those kids--Jo--they're angels. (: I miss little ones at Christmas.

  6. Thank you for sharing these lovely home and family pictures! I love seeing how everyone decorates! I usually do much more around the house, but we got a late start this year, so it's pretty much only the tree - it too is artificial. I usually have it up around mid-Nov and take it down around mid-Jan. I just love looking at it. Blessings and Merry Christmast to you and your family!

  7. Heehee - if I didn't have three boys ready to play football with every thing they can get their hands on in my house, I would have my nativity scene on our fireplace, too!

  8. Joanne,

    I love how involved your family is in the decorating. My son was the only helper I had... though this year, hubs is helping me out with the outside. We generally have nothing on the outside... But, this year I demanded - or was it commanded - my husband to give an hour of his time to making our home look Christmas Happy. (I didn't really demand or command, I just pointed out that he leaves a lot for me to do with the shopping, cooking, cleaning and so on... that an hour's worth of work on the roof - where he is quite comfortable - is not a lot to ask.) He almost said no, but then to my surprise relented and asked what I had for him to do! YIPPEE!

    So this year, to my delight we get to light our house up like Jesus' birthday cake! Blessings and thanks for the tour. And... Your tree ornaments do not have to have either theme or matching scenario - they simply have to be meaningful to you... As it appears yours are.

    Love the fireplace functionality...

    Great Idea.

    I have nativities everywhere including a new one I bought this week that I forgot to showcase in my tour. Well, there is always Boo Mama's tour on Monday to add the newest treasure to! Blessings again and Merry Christmas.

  9. I love your smile!!!!! Just lights up the room!

    I also love your fireplace nativity... that's awesome!!

    Well, i hope you and your family have a worshipful, lovely memory filled Christmas!!


  10. I love the nativity set in the fireplace. It's a nice backdrop! I can't wait to see your smiling face in person!

  11. We used to have a nativity set the kids could play with when they were little. I love that idea!

  12. I know you said not to laugh, but I'm sorry, I laughed. But in a GOOD way! Ingenious, my friend. :) I love seeing your Christmassy home, and you and the kiddos.

  13. I know the relief you must feel having it all "done and decorated"...especially with little ones to superintend the process.

    Lovely tree. Even lovlier family.



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