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Gratitude - Birth and Rebirth (and some other stuff)

Welcome to my contribution to week two of Celebrating Holidays at the Cafe. I am enjoying using these weekly blogs to get me in the mood for this wonderful season, and to help me put my focus where it should be. Today's topic, quite appropriately, is A Day of Gratitude. I pray my post, and those from other wonderful bloggers, blesses you.
Oh, where to start...

I suppose my winning testimony from The Cafe's "Falling for Jesus" contest is as good a place as any. If you haven't read it (or just want to read it again), it is today's featured post at The Cafe. Check it out!

Time to slip off my promotion hat and get back to the blog at hand. (In other words, we now return you to our regularly scheduled programming) ;)

This is a very special day for the Shers. You see, my beautiful daughter Annika turns five today. For the first time since her actual "birth day," her special day falls on Thanksgiving. And are we ever grateful for this special child.

I must say that Thursday, November 25, 2003 was a Thanksgiving like no other. My husband was only three months out of brain surgery and four weeks recovered from radiation treatments. Just getting me to the hospital was a major ordeal, but God was ever faithful and put the right people in place to have me there before she made her appearance. She was beautiful, and still is (don't tell me you don't agree!). Despite the fact that I was the only one in my family who actually got turkey that day (and it was hospital turkey at that!), I'm sure my whole family will say that they were full of gratitude and thanksgiving that day.
I am grateful for Annika: my beautiful, loving, silly, wonderful, birthday-celebrating daughter.
I also have an incredibly energetic and fun-loving seven-year-old who celebrated another kind of birth-day this week. On Tuesday, November 25, 2008 (his grandmother's birthday, by the way!), he grasped the concept that he was a sinner and that only Jesus could save and forgive him. And he asked for that forgiveness. What a wonderful feeling to know that my son in flesh is also my "brother" in Christ.

Andrew is a very special kid. Though he has some challenges, he is a sweet and loving boy who sucks every bit of joy out of every situation (LOL and often every bit of energy out of his mother). He is kind and extremely friendly, and will grow into an incredible witness of God's love.
I am grateful for Andrew: my enthusiastic, energetic, loving, silly, newly-saved son.
I certainly can't neglect the amazing man God gave me (before I even found Him!) almost fifteen years ago. Marc is an incredible man, who acts just like a Christian husband should when he has as scatterbrained and flighty and stubborn wife as he does. He loves our children with thought and action, and knows how to make me feel like a queen. He encourages and exhorts me, and loves me in a way that truly makes me feel cherished. His sense of humor, his steadfastness, and his vulnerability are just what I need. He truly completes me. (And he can sure be a goofball!) Despite the struggles we have gone through, or perhaps because of them, our marriage has stayed strong, and is such a huge blessing to me.

I am grateful for Marc, my loving, strong, supportive, encouraging, silly, wonderful husband.
Over the past several years, a very special group of folks have "come along" who have inspired, encouraged, and taught me so much. I'm struggling with how to categorize them. I've met them in so many places. Through my church, and the one I attended previously. Through Faithwriters. Through blogging. Through other activities I am sure are escaping me. These people are more than just names (or screennames). They are dear friends, brothers and sisters in Christ. They--you--love me and encourage me to grow in my God and Savior. I could list names, but I know I'd forget someone (and make an entirely too long post), so just know you are so appreciated.
I am grateful for my brothers and sisters in Christ (that means you especially, jewely sisters!), who have blessed me in so many ways, on so many occasions, through Christ's love in them.
How can I post about gratitude without expressing thanks for the One who made me, who saved me, and who gave me everything I have? Without the Lord, and His Amazing Son, Jesus Christ, none of this would happen. He has given me all the things above, and so much more. Every one of His gifts is good, and He has poured them on me lavishly. Our gratitude and thankfulness must be not only for the things we have, but, especially, for the One who granted them to us.
I am grateful for the Creator of the Universe, my Savior, Protector, Messiah, Great Physician, Lover of my Soul and so much more: Jesus Christ.
I will be spending much of Thanksgiving day with my husband's side of the family. We'll be spending the night, then having a birthday celebration for Annika and Marc's mom on Friday. It should be a good time with family and food. Praying your day is full of Thanksgiving, today and every other day.

Don't forget to check out A Day of Gratitude at The Cafe. It will be worth your time.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    What a wonderful post!! I loved seeing the kids and the goofy side of Marc. LoL Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  2. I was blessed by reading this. I love your title, it's so perfect for your week and the day!

  3. Guess what? Your Annika and my Nathanael have the same birthday! Only different years. Nathanael just turned 13 today. Life as we know it is forever changed. We have a teenager!

    I enjoyed reading your testimony again, and all of the other lovely tidbits you wrote. Hugs to you and yours!

  4. I am so very thankful for you, Jo. Happy Thanksgiving!

    And Happy Birthday, Annika!


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