“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” Mark Twain

No Need To Panic :)

This is something of a crazy week for me - the kids head back to school a week from today, and I've got lots of things I need to get done (both on and off the computer!), so I really do not know if I'll get much if any blogging (or reading of blogs!) done over the next several days. Plan to at least have something up for Fiction Friday, but no guarantees beyond that.

Will be thinking of, and praying for, many of my dear regular readers, and of course I'd SO appreciate your prayers in return. It's not a bad time - just a busy one :)

Thanks so much, ladies and gents. See you back when I can!


  1. Hehe. We know where to find you! (so don't think you can disappear long without us hunting you down!) LoL

  2. Ah...the approaching school year always brings more schedules and less time for us to do the fun things-like writing and reading blogs! I'll be right in the same boat with ya next week, Joanne! Praying your busy days bring a sense of accomplishment along with the hectic hours, too.

  3. I know exactly how you feel, Jo...
    Ty is getting ready to head for Harrisburg, PA...for 2 months training before he leaves for Shenshang, China for 8 months! And Fred is leaving for Germany for a week!!
    Hang in there and do what is necessary and be blessed in all you accomplish!

  4. Congrats that you entered your book in the Page Turner contest! I'll be praying!

  5. You got it, friend. Enjoy the week...

  6. You're speaking my language, girl. Take a break and tend to the homefront. All will be here when you return.


  7. Love to see your heart shining through your priorities even more than your posts, Jo. Though I miss them, it means more to me to see you right smack dab in the center of where God wants you to be.


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