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Abnormal normal sounds

For the past hour plus, I have been sitting in a coffee shop drinking hot cocoa (sorry, Kristen!) and eating a brownie, getting stuff done on my laptop. I've finished my first "read-through/edit" of Chapter 1 of my non-fiction book (not ready to call it my second draft yet, but I'm getting there - see goals on side of my blog), checked/chatted on the Faithwriters message boards, chatted with my jewely sisters (some!), sent out jeweler assignments (don't ask if you don't know what I'm talking about - a bit confusing), and a few other things I'm not remembering. This is my first time taking my laptop "out," and I really am enjoying it.

Normally, when I'm on my laptop, I have one of two different "noise situations" going on. Either I have the TV and my kids chattering/screaming/playing/running/arguing in the background (pretty much any time they're awake), or it's fairly silent - I may hear the TV in thebackground from my husband, but really no other sounds.

Here in this coffee shop, it's a whole different kind of sound--one I have vague recollections of from when I was younger. There's lovely music in the background--not too high, not too low. I can hear the "tat-a-tat" of the three or four other folks here with laptops, and an occasional voice here or there. It feels so "normal" - I could definitely get used to this.

However, I really don't think it is likely that I will have this opportunity very often if at all - at least until summer is over, and maybe not then. I only have this opportunity today because both kids are at Zoo camp, and we don't have anything else we need to do. With a busy life, and a husband not as able as he'd like to be to get around and/or help with the kids, this may just be a lovely memory I need to hold onto until I'm in a different season of life.

But isn't that just like God? When I'm going through the active/stressful/tough times, he gives me a little reminder of what blessings await me later, while still reminding me of the wonderful ones I have right now. I AM looking forward to picking up my kids from zoo camp in a bit under half an hour, and returning to my "normal normal."

I still can't help but wait, with some anticipation, of when this "abnormal normal" may be normal for me, at least some of the time.


  1. Oh I love this! What an awesome memory! It sounds so cozy and just right for you. I know the sound of the soft keyboard clicking and the nice, coffe/choco scents while there are no interruptions, sometimes it feels like a whole new world. So glad you got to enjoy this! ^_^

  2. Oh Joanne, this sounds wonderful! Can I join you? I'm so glad you're getting a bit of a break and get to enjoy a different kind of "normal". I hope you get many more opportunities to experience this. Blessings!

  3. I'm ready to take my laptop back to a Starbucks and do some reminiscing. Such great memories with Mari. Jo, I am so glad you had some quiet time. Praying you have lots more. If I were nearby, I'd babysit for you so you could write this summer. So sorry I'm not. Love you, dear friend! Keep on listening for those abnormally normal sounds and enjoy!

  4. Too bad it can't be a new normal. Sounds heavenly. So glad to hear about our lovely excursion.

  5. Boy, can I relate to this one! Silence is golden! Treasure it up to pull out on a rainy day! LoL--love ya!!

  6. Believe it nor not, I can relate to this. Either I am at my apartment alone in complete silence on my laptop, or I am at my parents house with my rowdy niece running all over the place and the dog barking at everything that moves. Maybe I should go hit up the coffee shop...


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