“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” Mark Twain

This just MAY be sacreligious...

but I am actually PLEASED that the FW writing challenge quarter break was extended by a week. Now, instead of only having three days to accomplish my challenge break goals (including getting at least a chapter or two of my book on God's workings in my husband's health issues written), I have ten days.

I really, REALLY do need to focus on this, if I'm going to enter the NonFiction Page Turner Contest, since the deadline is only two months away, and the way the summer is going so far, it is clear I am NOT going to have the same kind of quiet, uninterrupted writing time I had during the school year.

Now, this is something I haven't even MENTIONED to anyone before - and I've only somewhat pondered it..so this is BREAKING NEWS LOL. I am beginning to wonder if I shouldn't at least try to take a break from the challenge for this next quarter (writing - not commenting/jeweling etc.) so I can focus on my book as my main writing focus.

Considering I have never missed a challenge in the TWO years I've been at FW (other than judging), this will probably be a bit like breaking a long-standing habit - or at least lessening it (I don't think I could POSSIBLY go cold turkey LOL). Maybe I could not "allow" myself to work on a challenge entry until I had a certain amount of work done on my book each week.

Or, maybe I'll toss this idea out the window entirely and go my merry way, writing challenges and squeezing book-writing in wherever it fits.

We'll see, anyway!

(0h, and for the curious, my first chapter is now about 600 words long - I'm guessing I'm about halfway to one-third of the way through it. Making progress!)


  1. Oh my! You're contemplating something BIG! Seriously though, I've thought about that, too, Joanne, so I don't think anyone would blame you one bit to decide to do that. With me, I'm worried I may not write anything if I skip the Challenge-hee hee! I'm such a lazy writer. No discipline at all.

  2. Praying that God will give you direction, Jo. You know, you only have so many hours to work and play. :) Love you so much. You are a wonder! Keep plugging away on that book! You can do it! We are all cheering for you! Go, Jo, Go!

  3. Jo, I know for me, NOT writing for the WC made me do other writing which stretched me unbelieveably. It was such a good stretching that I've been toying with something similar because my book idea (from last summer!!) has not left me. But, like Dee, I worry I'll skip that writing...

    Praying for wisdom for you--and time to write this summer--even if it's just in the margins of life. Huggles!!

  4. I'm with you, Jo. Amazing what an undistracted mind can get accomplished. I mean, it's not like we've been working on blogs or anything...completely undistracted and focused on just our writing ventures. That includes no email chatting and no parenting and not taxying. LOL. Yes, completely focused on writing. TOTALLY and utterly sacreligious, I'd say...


  5. I just DEVOURED the link you sent me on how you came to Christ and I am at a loss for words. I'm in tears.

    Christ is good. So good. To know you have embraced what He came to give YOU makes my heart melt in His presence.

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

  6. I have felt the exact same way. While I haven't entered the challenges as many quarters as you have, I have yet to miss a week since I did start. I too am afraid that if I get away from the challenge that my writing will come to a grinding halt.

    I do have other writing projects to work on, so we'll see what direction God leads me. I pray that he directs you in the same way.


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