“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” Mark Twain

Advent Season Gems

 But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:19 NIV

Christmas is nine days away.  And, at this very moment (could change in five LOL), I am not feeling rushed. I am enjoying the season, and the anticipation of celebrating the birth of my - our - Savior.

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Since the first of December, I have been working through an advent study from SheReadsTruth called Emmanuel. And my pastor has been preaching some wonderful, thought-provoking messges on Christ's coming. And I've really been relating to Mary - cuz I've been pondering many of these truths, and treasuring them. They're like precious gems to me.

And though it's likely I will have more of these before the Advent season is over, I thought I'd share some of these jewels with you today.
  • Nothing we can do - no matter our scope or motive, is good enough to atone for our sin. But that's okay. Jesus did it for us.
  • Jesus always was. He is eternal. He created His own mother. Have you ever thought about that? Does it blow your mind as much as it does mine? 
  • Our darkness may be thick, but it is ever transformed by the light that is Jesus Christ! 
  • God became poor so we could be rich. We are imperfect vessels, ready to be filled with the perfect God. 
  • The manger and the cross: Both are needed - and both are EMPTY.
  • Our joy is only as satisfying as our repentance is deep.
  • Every time I hear God's message, I have a responsibility to hear it and act upon it. EVERY time. We are required to respond.
  • Baby Jesus was placed in a feeding trough. In Bethlehem (which means "house of bread"). And He IS our spiritual food.
  • The Old Testament folks waited even longer for His first coming than we have thusfar for His second. Just because He isn't here yet doesn't mean He isn't coming at all. He is God with us now, and He WILL come again - in triumph. We can count on it. 
  • God willingly marred His perfect Son, so we imperfect men and women could be perfect in His sight. 
So much to learn - and ponder!

We're discussing this here, and at Living by Grace on Facebook. Won't you join us?

Which of these gems do you most treasure? Have one of your own to share? 
My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer. Psalm 45:1


  1. Just reading about your calmness and peace brought me a sense of peace. I most treasure that Christ brings light into our darkness. A blessed week to you! Hope the peace remains :)

    1. Thanks! Blessed week to you as well! And the peace has been coming and going. Resting in Him helps :)

  2. Love these gems to ponder! My pastor gave another one, in a sermon about how to survive the stress of the season.... as you are shopping and worrying about getting the perfect gift for someone, remember. There is only ONE *perfect* gift, and it has already been given. (Yes, that would be Jesus. :) )

    1. Oh - love that one too! No gift is more perfect!

      Thanks for stopping by, sweet Cat!


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