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A Wepeat for "W"

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One of the very best days of my life was my WEDDING. Not only did I become the WIFE of a WONDERFUL, fun, giving, and special man, but I got a new name.

That name? SHER. In case you're curious, it's pronounced like "sure" - as in "Sure, WHY not?" Some people think it's funny for just that reason. I suppose it WOULDN'T be too hard for folks to find a WAY to make fun of it.

WHEN I'm asked to spell my last name, nine times out of ten, I get to the end and folks are WAITING for "the rest" of it. You know: Sherman? Sherwood?

But, do you know WHAT? I WON'T ever complain about it. WHY? Because the last name I traded in on May 29, 1994 was, in a word, WORSE. Much WORSE.

Wiener Dog Hot Dog Pictures, Images and PhotosYou think "Raise Your Hand if You're Sure" is embarrassing? Try having kids sing a certain commercial jingle to you as you WALK by. Try having your surname be an..um..unmentionable part of the male anatomy.

Try teaching - middle schoolers  - WITH this WINNER of a last name. (Yeah, I feel sorry for my brother, his wife, AND his precious children. But they're more self-confident than I am anyway.)

Of course, I could always have folks pronounce it another WAY. It DOES allow for another "sounding out." But even that implies I'm an annoying complainer.

WienerMobile Pictures, Images and PhotosThankfully, it's no longer an issue WITH me. It's in my history. I WON'T be using my maiden name unless I need to (it WILL certainly NOT be my pennname). Sher sure is fine with me.

WELL - are you WISE enough to figure out WHAT my last name WAS? If not, keep WONDERING: and check out my graphic "hints." And if you don't care? WHATEVA!

I wrote this post for a previous round of A to Z a bit more than two years ago. Since it's a holiday week, I thought I'd redo it - for those who have never read it (cuz it's a favorite post of mine) and to lighten my own load.


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  1. So funny Joanne! Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer __________, that is what I really long to be! For, if I were an Oscar Meyer __________, everyone would be in love with me! LOL! Did I get it right?

    Adorable post! I just found Patty's link through icdevos and decided to join but I see I got it all wrong! I will do better next week!! So much fun! Mine was way too serious, ha. You all have been having way too much fun through the alphabet, hate I have been missing all of the hilarity the last few months :)

    Happy New Year!

    1. Oh lovely! :) My last name is pronounce "color" and I get all kinds of mispronunciations, but at least there's no other connotations with it..

    2. You ABSOLUTELY got it right, Nannette! Glad you joined us - even if there are only a few more letters to go. And serious is FINE :) Looking forward to reading it!

      And Barb - yes, it WAS lovely growing up with it LOL. Thanks for stopping by!

    3. Nannette! Welcome! Some of us use A to Z as an...excuse...to post fun stuff and stuff that we might not otherwise post. ;-) That's the beauty of this meme--it's wide open for whatever you want at that moment. =] Can't wait to swing by and visit you!! =]

  2. Jo, thank you.
    Now I'll have that song stuck in my head...do you think that raising my hand (to take off all those Christmas decorations) will wipe it out? hehe. I'll give it a try. =]

    Thanks for the giggle.

  3. Your names - before and after - lend themselves to making people smile. I went from one Irish name (McCall) to another (Sullivan). I'm very proud of both names, but they're not great for starting conversations, like yours. Enjoy! We SHER do! :)

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Glad I could bring you a smile (at my expense, of course LOL). Have a great day, my friend!

  4. LOL. I love this! I am a huge fan of dachshunds, so this made me giggle.

    1. Glad I made you laugh - it was definitely my goal. A super fun post to write! Thanks for stooping by!


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