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It's Kicking Season

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For the past month or so, my son Andrew has been involved in his(and my!) first school team sport experience. He is on his school's soccer team - the Cross Creek Cougars.

There's my boy going after the ball
 I have never seen more kicking in such a short time in my life. Just since September 9, the Cougars have played nine games and practiced at least that many times. The soccer season is intense. Almost every school day, the kids are either playing or practicing. Every day after school, it's kick, kick, kick. In fact, there's a game today - I might be out cheering the "kids in blue" on as you read this very post!
A "victory lap" - the kids run across the field and back at the end of each game

My son is loving it - and so are his teammates, from what I can see. I'm not QUITE as fond of it as he is (honestly, the schedule feels brutal to me), but I love to watch him and his friends play.

The boy in blue is one of four kids named Austin on the team
The thing is, the team is pretty big. There are twenty-eight boys on the Cross Creek Cougars, and with only ten positions, each kid certainly isn't out there the whole game. But the coach gives all of them a chance to play each game, which, I figure, it how it should be.

Those kids really hustle out there!
The thing is, soccer is still somewhat confusing to me. Don't get me wrong - I comprehend the basic premise of the game. It's the other stuff.  Most of the time, I don't understand the penalties, and I might just have to award a prize to the person who can actually make me understand exactly what "offsides" is. Most people have stopped even trying to explain (and I don't blame them. I'm a lost cause!).

There's some fancy footwork!
But I totally get the kicking part. And the "no hands" part (unless you're the goalie). And for now, I guess that's gonna have to do.

Besides, the season is nearly over - playoffs (which we may or may not be in - NOT a clue!!) start in a little over a week. And once that's over,  I'll get my life back it won't matter if I don't get it - cuz any kicking my son will be doing will be for fun only (unless, of course, he's misbehaving - but that's a whole different issue!).

Are you/have you been involved in the organized sports thing?

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  1. Cute! Memories you'll treasure forever. :)

    1. Thanks, Dora - I'm sure I will. :) Appreciate you stopping by!

  2. The most athletic thing I ever did was marching band. So not a sports person, especially soccer. Running, no thanks! I do envy all the exercise these more mobile people get out there.

    1. Marching band could be quite a workout, I hear - especially depending on what instrument you play. :) I was never much for playing sports either - but I'm not bad at watching LOL :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. So your son gets a "kick out of life" :) That's awesome! No sports in my life, though beach volleyball was fun when at the beach!

    1. Don't think I ever played beach volleyball (or if I did, it wasn't memorable LOL). Bet it would be fun.

      Thanks for stopping by, Barb!

  4. My granddaughters play soccer, but I am no good at sports of any kind because of my lack of depth perception. I wish I was, though!

    1. Karla - my husband doesn't have depth perception either. I'm sure that puts a damper in a lot of stuff. Thanks for stopping by (and congrats on your COTT win! Keep forgetting to say something!


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