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Real Life

I'm guest blogging over at my dear friend Kimberly Russell's blog today, Roar of A Lioness. Kim's a neat lady and a great writer and when she asked for a post from me, I certainly couldn't say no, could I? Stop by and see what I have to say about Self-Opening Gates.
 Real life wears me out.

One week ago tomorrow, my kids started school. My oldest entered middle school and my daughter moved up to third grade. Lots of change.

Gone were the lazy (or at least lazier) days of summer. Of, more often than not, waking up  to a leisurely morning with no rush to get out the door. Of relatively unscheduled days. Of limited responsibilities.

Nope - it's school time. Where waking up after 7am is considered sleeping in. Where not wearing my chauffer's cap is the exception rather than the rule. Where recreation, in fact, may be the exception rather than the rule.

The most common refrain this week - from ALL of us? "I'm tired." Getting back into that groove of school takes something out of you - even when you're the one staying home! ( I won't tell you what interesting place I fell asleep at this week, but the person speaking's title started with a p :::blush::: )

But, just like adjusting to anything new, eventually we'll get back into the swing of things, and "real life" will feel more normal - and less tiring - than it does now.

Cuz we all have our seasons - and no matter how much we may enjoy those carefree(ish) lazy(ish) days past, it's time to get back to work.

The Lord allows a time of rejuvenation and rest (think of the Jubilee year in the Old Testament, not to mention the Sabbath and other holy days), but being about our Father's business is, well, our business.

It's good (though tiring) to be back in the real world again :)


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Traveling Rough Roads With God's Strength


  1. Any change does takes some getting use to but we adjust.

  2. I remember those busy days of starting school again! I felt like it was me and not my daughter.
    Enjoying real life is what life is about:))


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