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Welcome To The Family

I'm at the Barn Door today, talking about the weather we've had over spring break (which ends today!). Definitely a good variety. Stop by and see what Weather Wisdom I picked up. 
Weather wasn't the only thing that changed over spring break. We also increased the number of mammals who currently reside in our home.

In other word, we got a couple new pets. Two guinea pigs have taken up residence in our living room - and our hearts.

Coconut's the darker one. Scooter's lighter
We just got them last Friday, after the kids spent a week showing they could be responsible enough to care for a pet (we had them help us with kitty "chores."). And we grownups, of course, did our own research.

We bought, and read cover to cover The Guinea Pig Handbook. We discussed where we'd put them, what we'd need to purchase to keep them happy/alive, who would take care of them. We picked out a spot in the corner of the living room for them to stay. Planned how we'd keep the cat away from them (they stay in the kids' rooms at night with the door closed - they're alternating).

And when they came home on Friday, there was more preparation to do: setting up the cage, figuring out where to put the food and water, adding bedding, etc. etc. And, of course picking names. Andrew decided to call his Scooter, and Annika named hers Coconut.

Scooter enjoying some hay
And now they're bona fide members of the Sher family. And all Scooter and Coconut had to do was show up.

In a way, we're like Scooter and Coconut when we become a member of the family of God. (I'll bet you were wondering where I was going with this, eh?) We don't need to do anything. It's all Christ. He had to be born in a stable. Live a sinless life. Die on the cross. Rise again the third day.

Christ did all the preparation - including preparing good deeds ahead of time for us to do (Ephesians 2:10) and preparing a place for us in heaven (John 14:2). All we have to do is believe.

The guinea pigs are living in a cage they didn't purchase, eating food they had no part in gathering, drinking water they didn't draw, playing with toys someone else gave them. And they give their owners pleasure through their antics and cuteness.

God does the same for us: think of all the "things" His children have because of our relationship with Him. The Holy Spirit. His Word. The fellowship of believers. Eternal life.

And again, all we need to do is believe. The abundant life is ours because we're in the family of God. Just like Scooter and Coconut get their own version of a wonderful life in the Sher family through no cause of their own.

If only we people can give pleasure to the Lord as much as these guinea pigs delight my children.

Yesterday we celebrated Christ rising from the dead. Have you thanked Him for all the blessings He has given you? Does He know how grateful you are for the gift of salvation? Do others know of the blessings He has provided? Do you serve Him - bring Him pleasure?

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  1. Fantastic message! Thank you.
    Scooter and Coconut are too cute.

  2. Loved this, Joanne! I try to be thankful everyday, but Sunday was a special day to thank Him for all His blessing. And there are SOOOOOO many! :)

  3. What adorable guinea pigs! We had a 'guest' in our household over spring break as well. The day care, where our daughter works, has a guinea pig as well. You guessed it! She got to bring the cute critter home for a little 'vacation,' while the kids were on spring break! Love your analogy! Glad Jesus Christ did all the work - thankful for faith to believe! God bless!

  4. Scooter & Coconut are adorable.


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