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Only Wondrous

Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, 
who only does wondrous things! Psalm 72:18 NKJ 

from this...
This has not been a typical winter. Weather has been anything but steady. Snow one day, and 50 degrees (or close to it) the next. It has, in a way, made me more appreciative of the different seasons (even when they're happening in the same week!).

When I look outside and see the beauty of God's creation - whether it's grass peeking through the snow, or snow peeking through the grass -  I often pause in wonder. When I think about the incredible family the Lord has provided for me, I am again full of wonder. And, when I think of the amazing gifts He has given me, I am blown away by how wondrous they are - and He is.

But those are not the only times I should be moved by the wonder of my Lord.
to this!

Look at the verse I referenced above. Closely. The Lord only does wondrous things. Nothing God does is ordinary. Everything about Him is full of wonder. We should be in awe about everything our Lord does- whether it benefits us or not, because it is awesome, and wondrous, and part of His plan.

It's hard to think of, say, a brain tumor, a rejection slip, a death, a natural disaster, or a prodigal as a reason to bless the Lord. But that's exactly what this verse in psalms is asking us to do. Even the tough stuff is wondrous, because, if we look at it through God's eyes, we will know that He will make it all work out in His good, perfect, eternal plan.

No matter how difficult it may be, God can be trusted, and we (and our circumstances) are in His hands.

And if that isn't wonderful, I don't know what is.

Heavenly Father, I often think of wondrous as good for me and my selfish desires, but EVERYTHING You do is wondrous. Help me to see the things that cause us struggles and trials as wondrous, and part of Your plan. Because, Lord, I know this is true. In Your Son's precious name I pray. Amen.

Do you find it difficult to think of trials and struggles as "wondrous?" How do you "bless the Lord" when things don't seem to be going your way? Come join me at Living By Grace on Facebook and we can chat!

Traveling Rough Roads With God's Strength


  1. Well I must say when faced with trials, my first thought is not to consider them wondrous but they do work wonders in me.

  2. We talked about this in our study group last night. We were actually talking about surrender to God and what held us back from surrendering some things (or everything) to Him. We may even say we trust Him, but before we can exercise trust we have to believe that God is good—and that may be where the stumbling block lies. When the worst happens do I still believe that God is good? If I do then I can praise Him no matter what and I can trust Him no matter what.

  3. Love how you closed this. Life is crazy, but God isn't. :-) Knowing we can trust in His unchanging, merciful, loving nature sure helps when life becomes unpredictable.

  4. My cancer hasn't been a wondrous thing. What has been wondrous is the way that God has used it to transform me and to draw me closer to his heart. This, alone, is most worthy of my praise this day!

    Now, as for the extreme weather conditions in the same week...



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