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Not Just A New Year - A New Month :)

Yeah - I've already talked to you about how I did in 2011 (click here if you missed it) and what I plan to do in 2012 - God willing, of course (check out THAT post here!). But there's still the matter of my shorter-term goals. So if you can bear ONE MORE goals and progress post in a week (yeah - that's three), read on. This one, I don't think, will be as long.

How'd I do in December? Well, let's check out my goals, fresh from last month's post:
  • Three blog posts a week minimum
  • 10k in Handmaiden To A Princess
  • Start working on "reworking "Ailing Body, Nourished Soul 
  • Get back into my "usual" routine
I actually managed about four blog post a week - maybe a touch more. I didn't write any more of Handmaiden to a Princess, but I did read through it and make some observations about HOW MUCH I need to learn. Made some changes, too. That's what inspired me to dedicate this year to learning my craft more (click here for details).

I did start reworking Ailing Body, Nourished Soul, but have barely started. At least I made a bit of progress. And yeah, I managed #4 (that was an easy one, don't you think?).

Considering the holidays, I am not disappointed in how I did. But January is another month (and the start of another year!). And I'm planning to do MUCH better about sticking to my goals. AAANNDD, for January, they are below ;)
  • Keep up with the two online classes I'm taking this month (1. Avoiding Mistakes that Scream Novice on the ACFW course loop[free to ACFW members!] and 2. Six Stages of Change - The Character ARC at Savvy Authors ) and make good progress in The Art of War for Writers by James Scott Bell.
  • Completely read through Ailing Body, Nourished Soul, noting thoughts of how to "transform" it into less of a memoir and more of a "help through struggles" book.
  • Work with Jennifer Slattery on determining the 52 New Testament biblical fiction devos in our next project.
Okay - that looks like a lot. I think I'll stick with those three - plus my blogging.

And now, off to DO it ;)

Traveling Rough Roads With God's Strength


  1. Your list makes me tired! Where do you get all your energy? Good on you!

  2. Awesome! I may see you on the loop at the ACFW course this month!

  3. Wishing you all the best in your goals Joanne.

  4. I also pray for God's blessing in your goals. The only thing I write is a blog, and I'm lucky if I write twice a month.

  5. OK. Now I'm tired enough to call it a day. I just need to READ what you do to crash by 10 PM instead of 3 AM! Keep up the good work. It's gonna be a great year. God Bless.


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